This week on our spooooky 150th (!!!) episode, Ronnie Karam ( and Ben Mandelker ( tackle some scary Bravo tv shows such as “Top Chef: Boston” and “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles.” The two also go on a significant Cooking Channel tangent (freeeeeaaaky) and dish about “Manzo’d with Children.”

Plus, lots of super gory gossip about the ladies of “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

This is one THRILLER of a podcast you’ll want to leave the lights on for. mwahahahahhaaha.

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2 replies on “WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #150: 2014 Halloween Spook-tacular!”

  1. Can I subscribe with a flat monthly fee? I hate that I am missing the good stuff! I need the laughs this week more than ever. K, off to listen.

  2. Superfly — you can set a limit as to how much you want to spend per month. So, for instance, you can donate $1/episode and then set a $2 limit, let’s say. That means that you’ll pay $1 for two episodes, and nothing after that. Similarly, you can pledge $2/episode with a $2/month limit. It’s basically the same as a flat rate at that point.

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