This week, we’re joined by Damian Holbrook (TV Guide Magazine) who recently gained notoriety after his snarky Twitter dig at the new iPhone wound up in a Samsung commercial. We talk about how that happened, what the response has been, and how Damian is dealing with the onslaught of iPhone fanboys.

Then it’s on to Fall TV. We discuss some of the most talked-about shows, starting with “Gotham,” then “Scorpion” and then of course “The Mysteries of Laura.”

Lots of fun stuff here. Come listen!

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One reply on “BANTER BLENDER #100: Damian Holbrook on “Gotham,” “Scorpion,” and Trolling the iPhone in a Samsung Commercial”

  1. Thank you for all 100 episodes and L’Shana Tova.

    I was thinking about your comments on the dixie-fication of Food Network from your Barefoot Contessa episode and I found it to be an astute observation. It is a trend that seems to have spread across Food, Cooking and HGTV. As evidence, Lara Spencer’s Flea Market Flip has been a guilty pleasure that I will only admit to in this blog’s comment section. FMF was on HGTV but now it has moved to CMT which is owned by the same network. FMF had gone to flea markets in Connecticut and then sold their items at the Brooklyn Flea, now the whole show has been moved south and I wonder if that will influence the aesthetic? Also, over on Cooking Channel there is a new southern family cooking show on weekend mornings. I appreciate the production values on Pioneer Woman but a few weeks ago she threw pie fillings into some cake mix and called it a cake; not an appealing recipe. These simple recipe shows mystify me because cake mix buyers don’t seem like Cooking Channel’s target audience. They advertise themselves as a channel for hipsters (remember the pig in the tub commercials?) but they produce shows for people who think that paprika is an exoitc spice.

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