Calling all “Barefoot Contessa” fans. This week’s “Banter Blender” is devoted 100% to Ina Garten — from her recipes to her friends and everything in between. Ben Mandelker ( and Andrea Nawalanic hash it all out as they share their favorite meals, their fondest memories, and some of their most honest criticisms about the Food Network superstar.

Along the way, there’s also stern criticism of Food Network’s current direction and also talk of Sandra Lee and The Pioneer Woman.

If you watch Food Network or simply have a passing interest in Ina Garten, this episode is for you. Be sure to use GOOD headphones. How fun is that?

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3 replies on “BANTER BLENDER #98: Forty-Five Minutes of “Barefoot Contessa” Chat”

  1. While listening to the soundcloud and looking through your old posts on Barefoot, I was inspired to listicle my favorite Ina-isms

    1. “Be careful or it will look like a dog’s breakfast”
    2. “Nobody ever had a better time a party because the host made rather than bought the dessert”
    3. “I like cocktails made in a pitcher so everyone can pour their own”
    4. Potato chips in a silver bowl
    5. Tons of flowers from the garden but all in one color
    6. It’s Friday so Jeffrey will expect a roasted chicken.

    Personally, I loved the comedy of Barefoot in the City when Ina and Jeffrey went on field trips to Manhattan then magically transport themselves to East Hampton in the evening to share what they had learned.

    I also think a paucity of recipes is the death knell of most cooking shows because the traditional stir&dump cooking shows are limited in what can be produced during a 28 minute show. My wish is for Ina to begin to explore historical cuisines. The Brits had a show called Supertasters Go: where they explored home cooking from various decades. I think Ina’s academic background would make her a perfect fit to try to adapt historical recipes for modern times and then Jeffrey would have to try them at the end of each episode.

    Finally, the Barbara Lieberman references had me laughing whilst listening to the podcast at Gelson’s, which was slightly embarrassing, but somehow I knew that the lady next to me buying a challah and a lb of jumbo shrimp would understand.

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