There’s drama large and small on all the “Real Housewives” this week, and “Watch What Crappens” has it covered. Ben Mandelker ( is joined by Katie Cazorla (TVGN’s “The Nail Files”) as they break down Sonja’s delusions, Aviva’s hypocrisy, and Ramona’s utter craziness on RHONYC. Then it’s on to Atlanta to talk about the weave-pull heard around the world. It’s Porsha versus Kenya, and the loser is everyone involved.

Finally, things wrap up with talk of Shannon from “Orange County.” Kooky nutjob or hilariously entertaining lady? Both?

Along the way there are plenty of tangents and gossip. Come listen!

5 replies on “WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #124: Bravo Gives Us Hot Brawls and Cold Potatoes”

  1. Katie you are a rockstar making sure we got our weekly fix! Thanks Ben, hope you were awake enough to drive to AZ. Now as a mother all I can say about Terry calling Coco a bitch is….just wait until you have kids! Some days you would think my bff and I were talking about a rachet ho in the bar when discussing our kids. You think your partner can make you insane try a hyper toddler or any teenage girl.

  2. Katie is right. Thank you both for not leaving this listener high and dry. Your podcast was hilar. And please do tell us what comes of your invite to the Foster even.

    Why does no one mention that Shannon liberated a small country? I would use that excuse for the rest of my life to get out of the dreaded “what did you do today?” question.

    Thanks for weeping me sane…xo Squirrel

  3. Thanks for the funny!!!!! Love you both. You and Katie need to have an Intervention with Ronnie. He is letting his work get in the way of his CALLING IN LIFE: my entertainment.

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