This week on “Banter,” Jessica Ogilvie ( joins Ben Mandelker ( to hash out everything from The Oscars — including but not limited to Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli, Ellen Degeneres, and many more.

The two also share their rigorous experiences at Nike Training Club boot camp and opine with great warmth about “The Lego Movie.”

Things wraps up once again with further discussion of “Grand Theft Auto,” which continues to entertain immensely.

Lots of great banter. Come listen!

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One reply on “BANTER #83: Talking Oscars, The Lego Movie, and Nike Bootcamp with Guest Jessica Ogilvie”

  1. Great podcast, thanks. I agree that Bette seemed “off” at the Oscar’s. I couldn’t decide if it was age that didn’t allow her to belt with the verve of her youth or the fact that the orchestra is in another building. The Oscar’s are the such a tease, every year we get so excited that we forget that it is longest show dedicated to the art of editing sound and pictures for foreign short films in the history of mankind. BTW, still wishing I could score a guest banter slot at some point in 2014 – it’s like when Kelly lost Regis and local punters from all over competed to banter with her.

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