This week on “Watch What Crappens,” Ben Mandelker ( and Ronnie Karam (, tackle the ins and outs of flower etiquette on “Real Housewives of Miami.” Then it’s on to part 1 of the “New Jersey” reunion before discussing the premiere of “Top Chef: New Orleans.” Along the way, there’s plenty of gossip; plus, we weigh in on “The People’s Couch.” What we say might surprise you!

One reply on “WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #97: Jersey Reunion, Top Chef Premiere, and The People’s Couch”

  1. Another gr8 job with WWC#97. Speaking of “Ronnie scratching his balls”, have any of U guys seen the YouTube video of Big Brother’s David scratching his balls in front of Andy (for hrs it seems like). I knw we’re about a month out from the BB Finale, but just curious on ur thoughts……. Just audio or not, keep up the good work!!!

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