VIDEO: MTV Finally Debuts The Alternative Endings For ‘The Hills’

When The Hills signed off three years ago, it’s final scene was met with mixed reviews. Some enjoyed the cheeky, self-referential gimmick of having the world around Brody Jenner be revealed to be nothing more than slick Hollywood production values (some might argue that this is still the case), but others felt the ending was a bit too clever for its own good. Feel free to lump me in the latter category.

Well, great news. Turns out the producers filmed an alternate ending for the finale, and while it was rejected for a variety of reasons (including, indirectly, Avril Lavigne), MTV has now three years later blown the dust off this never-before-seen footage and placed it on its website. I have to admit that this ending is far more emotionally satisfying, even if it is patently fake. I’m bummed this was not the cut that made it to air, but ever so happy that we get to see it now.

May the legacy of The Hills live on!

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  1. 100% agreed. They should have went with this ending. Actually, they should have just stopped when Lauren left the show. But still, this is much better than the original ending.

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