WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Big Brother – Week 5 In Review

Hey everyone — it’s time for another edition of Watch What Crappens. But isn’t this a Big Brother video? Yes.

So here’s the deal. We started a web show on Youtube called “The TV Clique.” We loved the name and thought it was so clever and thought we were geniuses and the best people of all time. But then as we began to promote The TV Clique on our Watch What Crappens page, we realized that it would be smarter and easier to simply bring our Big Brother coverage under the Watch What Crappens umbrella, rather than try to start a whole new thing from scratch.

And that’s why — tada — we now have Watch What Crappens: Big Brother. The audio from this web show will also be placed on Soundcloud and made available on the iTunes store under the Watch What Crappens stream. We’re going to see how it goes, and we welcome all feedback! In the meantime, enjoy the show.


One reply on “WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Big Brother – Week 5 In Review”

  1. Love it, although I did miss Matt’s pearl clutching. Not to defend Gina Marie, but she referred to Medicaid as n-insurance, not Candice and Howard’s alliance. She’s not that clever. Nick!!!!!

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