Get Ready For World Whiskey Day!

whiskey.jpgGreat news for whiskey fiends: this Saturday is World Whiskey Day! Never heard of it? Neither have I. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were some silly creation manufactured by Jack Daniels, but who really cares? Any excuse to go out for a drink is a good one by me (unless it involves numbing the soul from having committed a crime so vile it cannot be uttered to another being. But I digress).

Anyway, after the jump, check out a few whiskey options here in Los Angeles that may help scratch your itch for the brown stuff.

The Thirsty Crow:
My friend Sly melts into a puddle of goo at the mere mention of this bar. That’s probably thanks to their excellent Old Fashioned, which is a mere $5 at Happy Hour (down from $12 otherwise). The place can get crowded, and you’ll see your fair share of Mumford & Sons impersonators, but that’s okay. Sometimes it’s fun to dress like a farmer in the Depression, especially if whiskey is involved!

One of my favorite new “saloons” in LA, Sassafras is not unlike what one might find in the heart of Disneyland. The bar is ornately decorated to emulate an antebellum street scene in the South, and if that description befuddles you, then do yourself a favor and check out this silly yet awesome place. Oh, and don’t forget to sample something from their massive whiskey selection. Feel like mixing it up? Then I highly recommend the Sassafras Royale: Templeton Rye Whiskey, root spirit, homemade sassafras bitters, egg, malted milk powder, and house brewed sarsaparilla. It’s like the most amazing chocolate milk you’ve ever tasted.

Tom Bergin’s:
LA’s preeminent Irish pub, Tom Bergin’s serves a mind-boggling array of whiskeys, perhaps most famously in the form of their famous Irish Coffee. Other specialty cocktails include their Macushla Manhattan and the Sheridan Special. I’ve had neither, but I’m eager to check them out.

Plan Check:
People LURVE this Westside spot, and apparently patrons can enjoy quite the variety of Japanese whiskey. What’s that you say? Japanese whiskey? Yes, it does exist, and stop being racist. Try the Suntory Hibiki 12 Year. Or perhaps the Monde Shuzo Isawa 1983!

Township Saloon:
Ah, Township. It’s never as great as it should be, but at the very least, this Hollywood bar does offer up a significant whiskey selection. And $4 shots of Jack Daniels. And free parking! Come for the spirits, stay for the hot dogs. But don’t expect any beer on their happy hour menu. Or whiskey drinks for that matter — unless you want a $5 shot of Buffalo Trace or Jameson. On second thought, maybe don’t go to Township.

Rosewood Tavern
From the same owners of Township Saloon comes Rosewood Tavern, which I’ve yet to actually go to, but I hear only great things. Bourbon, Scotch, and whiskey are apparently in full supply on this Fairfax gastropub.