ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: Chipotle Chicken Salad Tacos Edition


I’m a little concerned that over five hours have passed since I’ve posted something pertaining to Mexican Everyday, but don’t worry: I’m back with yet another Rick Bayless adventure. This time around I’m tackling “Chipotle Chicken Salad Tacos with Avocado, Red-Skin Potatoes, and Romaine.” Basically, it’s salad in a tortilla.

Pics after the jump…

Things start off on an unglamorous note: two chicken thighs in the toaster oven for twenty minutes.

While the chicken cooks away, I slice up a humble red potato.

The slices go into a bowl with a quarter cup of water. The next part is slightly shocking: I then microwave the whole thing. Craziness.

While the potatoes go ’round in circles in the microwave, I chop up two chipotles. ¡Caliente!

After four minutes, the potatoes are done.

I remove the potato slices to the cutting board and then place the chipotle as well as some oregano, apple cider vinegar, and diced onion into the bowl with the potato water.

A quick whisking session and ta-da! We have a dressing!

Oh look! The chicken’s done!

As for the potatoes, they get diced up and placed in a big bowl.

The chicken, now also diced, soon follows.

In goes the dressing. Mid-tempo stirring ensues.

Romaine lettuce arrives on the scene.

It’s not a party until the lettuce shows up. Heeeeyyyy!!! Oh, and some avocado too.

Two tablespoons of olive oil enter the fray. Mixy mixy!

My tortillas have been warmed in the microwave and are ready to receive filling. Also, spoiler alert: that corn on the cob woudn up being absurdly awesome.

We have achieved TACO.

Macro shot!

Time to get my nomnom on…


People, make this recipe. Even if you don’t have tortillas, make this recipe. Not only is it healthy and simple, it is packed with flavor. I mean packed. This is right up there with Bayless’s mango-avocado salad, but significantly easier to pull off. I mean, the only cooking happens in the microwave.

Once again, Bayless gives us a great texture balanced between crunchy romaine, creamy avocado, and starchy potato, all set off by the bright and eye-opening dressing. It’s so very good. So very, very good.

Plus, this recipe adapts well to modifications. I threw it together a second time just two nights ago, but alas, I had no chicken or potatoes. Not a problem. Instead of chicken, I tossed in some bacon. Instead of potatoes, I opted for fresh corn and some Bulgarian feta cheese. Oh, and some toasted pepitas. It may have been better than the original recipe.

Definitely bookmark this recipe if you’re in need of a fast, simple, healthy, and flavorful weeknight meal. And remember, whole wheat tortillas make a great alternative to the corn variety (or you can ditch the tortillas altogether, as Bayless himself suggests).

Full recipe here.

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  1. This was it, Ben M. This is the recipe where I finally made a new folder in my Bookmarks titled “B-Side Recipes.” No more “Misc Food” for you!

    As a cooker-for-one, I love your stuff. Don’t ever stop.

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