Oscar Bingo Is Here!

Photo Feb 21, 3 43 43 PM.jpg

Hey err’one. This is a random little shilling post (don’t worry, an Adventure In Domesticity is forthcoming too). I get a lot of junk sent my way, but today I actually have something amusing to share. It’s called Oscar Bingo, and it comes courtesy of Evite Postmark. Basically, you print out these cards from the Postmark blog and then hand them out to your assembled guests at whatever Oscar party you’re at. And if you’re not at a party, well, then this is very awkward. Anyway, as the red carpet events unfold, players mark off squares, with merriment and mirth to ensue. Sewwwwwww check it out, and have fun!

Also, um, sorry I only did one Downton Abbey photocap. I’m not even done with the season yet. I’m so far behind. [crawls under rock]