Watch What Crappens #46: Top Chef Is Back, and The Housewives Are Wack

Shocker: there are other top tier shows on Bravo other than the Housewives. Join Ronnie Karam (, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo TV), and Ben Mandelker ( as they welcome back the newest season of Top Chef. Then it’s on to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Atlanta, and Miami. Oh, and a quick look at LOLwork… Brace yourselves. Come listen!

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4 replies on “Watch What Crappens #46: Top Chef Is Back, and The Housewives Are Wack”

  1. Love the podcast (as always) and just wanted to let you know my husband appreciated the shout out (I listen while making dinner and he just can’t stay out of the kitchen while I’m cooking) and the famous Louisiana dish is pronounced ay-too-fay. At least that’s how us southerners say it.

  2. another great podcast. for some reason, I imagine a disney-like commercial showing a clip of the housewives with a split-screen of the flipit or ben doing their voices

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