From the podcast description:

“In our second of two parts, Ben Mandelker (bsideblog), Ronnie Karam (TVgasm) and Matt Whitfield (Yahoo TV) make it through the third hour of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s screeching mess of a reunion and try to decide which is worse: a whore or a stripper. Then we go over to visit the Real Housewives of Miami for some social climbing and old lady dancing. We will not, however, be grocery shopping for anyone’s boyfriend. EVER. Do you hear us ROMAIN?”

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4 replies on “WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #41: Stripping is OK Now, but Tweet Beating Still Isn’t”

  1. Hey guys — it sounds like you may have missed the message I put up on Facebook. I’ll post it on this site too, but in the meantime:

    “Hey everyone – just in case you didn’t read the message on my last Big Brother post of the season, my blog is on temporary hiatus while I finish up work on another project. I hate to leave readers hanging, but hopefully I’ll be done soon and can get back to blogging. I’ll still post the podcast and an occasional “easy” piece for me to write, but for now, the photocaps are on pause. Sorry and thanks for your patience!!”

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