We had so much to discuss this week on Watch What Crappens that we split the podcast up into two episodes. On this second half (hear the first half here) we talk about the Real Housewives of Miami premiere (even though a second episode has already aired) and the latest installment of Gallery Girls. Many impersonations ensue. Check it out!

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3 replies on “BONUS WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Ep. 36 – Miami Heat!”

  1. Not to defender her but Joanna actually made it very far on Dancing with the Stars… She came in 4th and was eliminated right before the finals. Her and Derek did a really amazing dance, this futuristic tango, but her personality didn’t make her popular with fans.

  2. LOVE Watch What Crappens. I have to thank the commentator on the crushable.com gallery girls recap for turning me onto it! Also love that you’re a Dartmouth man; when are you going to have Mindy Kaling as a guest on the podcast?

    Now… I feel your access to Maggie has hindered your ability to hate on her. I find her to be quite insufferable, and prefer to hear you tearing her down, I mean that’s why we listen, for validation of our hateful feelings towards these bravo reality train wrecks. So let’s hear you give Maggie the Ramona treatment!

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