It’s a big day on Watch What Crappens as Jill Zarin, formerly of The Real Housewives of New York City, joins Matt Whitfield (Yahoo! TV), Ronnie Karam ( ) and me on the podcast. We spend the hour chatting with Jill about the new season, behind-the-scenes gossip, and much, much more. Any fan of The Real Housewives will want to tune in and hear what Jill has to say.

Also, stay tuned later in the week for a second bonus episode of Watch What Crappens covering The OC reunion, NJ, and NYC!

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21 replies on “WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Ep 25 – Special Guest Jill Zarin!”

  1. She by Sheree…..she could use some promotion these days and surely has some free time….

    I am not usually a Jill fan but really enjoyed hearing her side of things. Good to hear that she isn’t completely bitter and seems to be moving on.

    Looking forward to your reactions to the OC reunion on the next episode!

  2. Aside from Theresa Guidice I can’t think of another more annoying woman on the planet than Jill Zarin. But that’s ok, she loves herself enough to drown out anyone that doesn’t like her.

    I have two words when it comes to Jill:

    poor Bobby

  3. “Any fan of The Real Housewives will want to tune in and hear what Jill has to say.” Sorry, but I have to disagree. If any fan of RH wanted to hear what Jill has to say, she’d still be on the show. Kudos to you for putting up with her. That voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard.

  4. Kadoos Guys! That was some CLAAAASSIC ZAAAAARIN. It was nice to have some Old School Jill in my life. Is it wrong that I love that she totally outed one of Ally’s friends on the interwebs? It’s just such a Jill thing to do…

  5. that woman didn’t come up for air. jesus. was it a bad phone connection or does she literally never shut her pie hole?

  6. God, she’s horrible. She literally never stops talking. Normally love the podcast (listened to nothing but old episodes on my last 5hr road journey) but OH MY GOODNESS. She’s so annoying I couldn’t make it even halfway through this one. Her voice, her inability to stop freaking interrupting or God forbid just STFU for a minute, her random venomous insults that would have been juicy like 2yrs ago..she needs to just get the **** over it. I didn’t even dislike her that much on the RHONYC but on this podcast?? The absolute WORST.

  7. Oh Jill Zarin! Why can’t I quit you? That was great guys, quite a coup for you and I thought she made some really good points, especially about how the cast should be pre-existing friends to make the show believable. I think you should get She by Sheree next and you should make her say “who’s gonna check me boo?!”
    Oh and I will look forward to seeing the new title “What What Krappens”

  8. Love you guys and it was a good get to have JZ on, but it only solidified my negative opinion of her. Please don’t say you didn’t read a book and then talk about what was in the book. Please don’t say you can’t remember things that were said, when you only don’t remember hurtful things you said and remember clearly hurtful things others (Bethenny) have said. Yes, Jill I am looking at you!

  9. I admit to being a Jill fan the first couple of seasons of RHONY. She was always able to get a laugh out of me during most episodes of seasons 1 and 2, and I thought she seemed pretty authentic when you compared her to the likes of LuAnn and Ramona. Once she got a taste of “fame” or “celebrity” or whatever you want to call it, she just became another run of the mill Bravo Real Housewives character and the cracks really began to show, which culminated in her becoming awfully hard towards the latter part of her run (especially the entirety of season 4). Considering what she devolved into, I can’t say I miss her on the show, but I have to give her credit where it’s due. I do agree with what she said about how poorly Bravo and Andy Cohen handled the firing of more than 50% of that cast. They made him boatloads of cash and helped to make RHONY the breakout star of that franchise, and then were quickly shown the door when they no longer served him any purpose. It wasn’t fair to them or the viewers.

    That season 4 reunion show was the death knell of RHONY and everyone who watched the season and the reunion knew it, but we still deserved some kind of closure because, however much we began hating on the women the show, as viewers we were invested in them and it. It wouldn’t have killed Andy to have done something in the season premiere of season 5 to acknowledge the cast changes. Instead we get half a new cast who we know didn’t know each other from Adam prior to filming and we’re supposed to just start giving a crap about a whole new bunch of inauthentic interrelationships. Andy should start giving a damn again about his network’s viewers.

    Back in the day when all of these shows were getting off the ground Andy seemed to be a completely different person than he is today. When he needed viewer loyalty and ratings to change the face of the network and give him the fame he was so obviously starved for, he passed himself off as one of the people. The minute he got some success under his belt, he morphed into some Svengali-like character. It’s kind of ironic that when the women he fired became too big for their britches, he became too big for his.

    There’s that old saying “Don’t s_ _ t where you eat” and he seems to have been doing it more and more of late. He needs to take some personal responsibility for the fact that his network’s most successful franchise has turned into the monster it has become. Clearly he should have learned something from the whole Russell incident on RHOBH. While he, by no means, pushed the chair out from under Russell, I do believe he played some part in crafting the noose.

    I’ve become soured to his network and the shows I used to find entertaining and fun to watch in equal proportion to how much I’ve become soured to him.

    Damn, didn’t mean to make this so long.

    1. What is he supposed to do? Send every viewer a “sorry we fired everyone card”? Not being facetious..I just seriously don’t understand how AC could somehow giver everyone closure in firing people on a trash reality TV show.

      1. If he had sent out cards he would’ve been too busy to do much else and we might’ve been spared his latest round of series premieres. Um…MissAdvised anyone?

  10. “what was it? Ratings are like cocaine? Is that what he said? Something about ratings are like cocaine?”
    Haha I die.

  11. I thought your interview was amazing. I really wasn’t a Jill fan during her last season on RHONYC, which had plenty to do with editing, I’m sure. That being said, I really enjoyed hearing everything she had to say…even when she was talking over you. Listen, we all know Jill’s a motormouth. That doesn’t diminish the quality of the content of her ranting. As for the next great interview, I agree with the poster above — GET SHERAYAY!!!

  12. I’ve never watched NYC (I’m a BH and NJ watcher though), but I enjoyed the interview. I’m glad she dished about the behind the scenes stuff

    My suggestion for the next interview: Brandi Glanville.

  13. Wow, you guys couldn’t get a word in edgewise. I don’t really understand why the cast has to hang out together anyway. Wasn’t the point of the show that they were each going to sort of document their own lives and their own friends?

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