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The Real Housewives of Orange County reunited this week, which means that Matt Whitfield (Yahoo! TV), Ronnie Karam ( and I were able to have a field day on the latest episode of Watch What Crappens. The three of us tear apart pretty much all the women — and ourselves — as we debate the merits of Team Alexis vs. Team Tamra. Later, it’s off to London to discuss the latest Real Housewives of NYC getaway, and then finally things wrap up in New Jersey with the unveiling of Lauren Manzo’s newest business venture, Cafface. Come listen!

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3 replies on “WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Ep. 24 – Reunions, London, and CAFFACE!”

  1. is it weird that i listen back to the podcast i co-host? because i do. and i laugh again. tragic.

  2. Y’all are so funny.
    Have y’all heard all the drama that Don was cheating on Vicki for 20 years and that Vicki hooked up with a man while she and Tami Sue where in Cabo last season? Juicy stuff!

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