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This week’s Watch What Crappens focuses solely on the Housewives, starting with Orange County where the ladies conspired to deliver yet another explosive finale. Matt, Ronnie, and I break it all down: from the conclusion of Bowgate to the Great Tamra-Vicki Blowout of 2012. After that, it’s on to New York City where we debate Heather’s decision to exclude Ramona from London. Finally, it’s on to New Jersey for more fighting with Teresa, and then things wrap up with some questions from the Twitter mailbag. Lots and lots to discuss. Come join!

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5 replies on “WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Episode 22 – OC Finale, Drunk Ramona, and Jersey Feuds”

    1. “Oh, like she’s fucking Marla Gibbs & it’s 227, my ass!” had me cracking up!

  1. You guys really have a great rhythm now. I look forward to this every week! How about, old potato skins and Lysol?

  2. What was up with Matt Whitfield? I get it that he hates every single cast member of every Housewives franchise, even the one he likes, but he seemed to be so much more negative and argumentative than usual.Has he given up smoking or is he on Lauren Manzo’s “cranky bitch” diet?

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