THINGS I LOVE: My New Tissue Box


Last week I extolled the virtues of Apt 2B, and once again, I have to say the store has filled me with joy. This morning, while I was procrastinating like usual, I came across an item I immediately loved: The Casa Ave Tissue Box (in avocado, naturally). Did I really need a glorified tissue-box cozy? Probably not. But I loved it so much that I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, the site was out of stock, but after tweeting to Apt 2b, I learned that there was one left at the pop up store on Melrose. Fast forward a few hours, and now I am the proud owner of this funky little thing.

I continue to love it.

5 replies on “THINGS I LOVE: My New Tissue Box”

  1. Does the white smoke coming out of your chimney mean you have a new pope.?


  2. B! I want this SO bad. It’s apparently available in purple but they don’t ship more than 50 miles outside of Hollywood! How about I cut you a check and you ship it to me? 😉

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