PREVIEW: Here Come The Real Housewives of New York City!

Spring is in the air. I guess that would make sense since it’s Spring, and all, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is that the weather is getting warmer, and the TV is getting HOTTER (now I sound like a promo writer for ABC). Not only are our beloved Real Housewives of New Jersey about to reclaim their trashy, suburban spot on our DVRs, but now come the revamped and retooled Real Housewives of New York City. This iteration has always been my favorite of the bunch, but after a cast overhaul that saw Jill, Kelly, Alex, and that other woman (I mean… seriously?) dropped like a stale bagel, I’m not totally sure I’m ready for this new bunch. All I see are a lot of strange, toothy mouthes. Of course, I’m totally open to it all, and with Ramona and LuAnn still fighting, there’s no way this could go wrong. Already we have LuAnn’s stellar quote of the season, “What other dirty tricks do you have to pull out of your PINOT-FILLED ASS??” not to mention Jacques saying “A BAAAABY???” in the most amusingly French way possible. Plus, drunk, naked Sonja galavanting in a pool with a martini glass. IT’S LIKE A SCENE RIGHT OUT OF MY LIFE.

Above, check out an extended preview of the season, which was teased last night on the utterly ridiculous disaster known as Watch What Happens: All Stars or something like that. New York City has yet to have a dud season, and this appears to be no exception.

8 replies on “PREVIEW: Here Come The Real Housewives of New York City!”

  1. I loved Luann’s comment to Ramona too, but watching it back (twice) she actually says “Pinot filled hat” – but I wonder if she originally said ass and then they did a voice over for it? This is going to be a good season, either way.

    1. I heard “hat” as well but ass works. Either way it’s all good – in a really bad way, of course.

  2. I see Sonja hasn’t toned it down any since last season. You’d think for the sake of all of her pending litigation, her lawyer(s) would have told her to reign it in a little. Good thing she isn’t interested in changing the terms of her custody agreement. As juicy as the preview looks, they should have just given the show the axe instead of recasting it. I still can’t get the bad taste I have for RHONY(which was my fave of all the housewive’s franchises) out of my mouth after that disgusting reunion last season. While changing up some of the “characters” might freshen things up a bit, once a train is wrecked, it’s wrecked.

  3. Premieres June 4? That seems like forever! At least New Jersey is coming soon.

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