OXO Food Scale Winner Revealed!


Last week, I challenged readers to guess the weight of an empty Bud Light 12-pack, with the closest guess winning a free OXO food scale (a great prize which I’ve already used many times since the company kindly sent me a complimentary one to review).

Anyway, the submissions have been entered, and now I’m ready to reveal the results. Is everyone ready?

Weigh-in after the jump…

The scale and the Bud Light 12-pack. Note that all the cans inside are empty, and the box is not filled to capacity…

I turn on and zero the scale. I then pull the display away from the for easier readability. I love this feature.

The weigh-in commences.

8.375 ounces!

Or 236 grams!

That makes the winner…

…with a guess of 8 oz. (or 227 grams — the Jackée of guesses)…


Congrats to Rachel for coming closest — but not over — the proper weight! Email me your information, and I’ll send you a brand new scale, courtesy of OXO!

Thanks everyone for playing!!

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