It’s time for another episode of Watch What Crappens, and this time it’s a little earlier in the week. We’ll be recording new podcasts on Mondays instead of Wednesdays from now on; so get excited to kick off your week with more Bravo banter. In this episode, Matt, Ronnie, and I take on the premiere episode of Shahs of Sunset, and I can assure you that the discussion is far from polite. Once we’re done completely analyzing that show, we move on to Real Housewives of Atlanta where plenty of Peter/Cynthia/NeNe/Marlo bashing occurs. We then wrap up the podcast by touching on the Top Chef: Texas reunion and then talking about some of the Bravo events this week we’re excited about. Come take a listen!

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3 replies on “WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Episode 8 – Shahs of Sunset, Anniversaries on Atlanta, and Top Chef Reunion”

  1. I missed Shahs of Sunset and now I have to skip over that part of it until Bravo reairs it. Why doesn’t Bravo have it online? Boo! They’re making me wait to listen to half the podcast!

  2. You guys should do emergency podcasts if something really good happens like the last episode of survivor. I would love to hear you voice your opinions of Colton.

  3. You could do a podcast on overall reality shows—Reality Bites! 🙂 Gotta cover Survivor!!

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