It was a wild and wacky weekend in the men’s NCAA basketball tournament. Several big seeds were eliminated, leaving many people’s brackets a hot mess. In the wake of the destruction, we have some interesting results in the Tournament of Cham.

In first place is a two-way tie with Fried Cheese and, surprisingly, ME. I can assure you all that my dominance will be short-lived; although, if the numbers are any indication, I may have a slight advantage. While Fried Cheese and I share the same number of points (46), my potential points is holding steady at 174, which I’m proud to announce is the greatest potential in the group. Of course, that can all change in a heartbeat, and I fully expect it to next week.

On the lower end of the spectrum is Moosey, who forgot to fill out a bracket and is holding steady with zero points and zero potential points. A shade above that is our ol’ friend HicksPub with twenty-nine points and a total of 117 possible points. This low scoring total may be thanks to HicksPub’s seven year old neighbor, who she “claims” made all the picks. Seems like a whole lot of passing the buck to me.

Stay tuned for more developments!

5 replies on “Tournament of Cham Update!”

  1. Hey, if Florida takes it all, I could make a decent comeback…because my 7 year-old neighbor has been to Florida and she thought it was really nice.

    That being said, she had the Championship Game between them and a certain Crimson team which got rolled. Say, has anyone heard from jennifer303090210? Is she okay? Are we keeping all sharp objects and poisonous materials away from her?

    1. I bore the beating remarkably well. I’m not really a huge basketball fan. Regardless, it would take more than a one-point basketball loss to wipe the smile I’ve been sporting since the BCS championship from my face. But thanks for your concern and pat your neighbor on the head for me.

  2. I’m starting to think this was the tournament of chum. I can’t see anyone winning with picks.

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