Tournament of Cham 2012 Week 2 Update!


This has been quite the year for March Madness, and after a crazy weekend, we have our Final Four: Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State, and Kansas. Only one member of the Tournament of Cham accurately predicted this foursome, and that clairvoyant participant is none other than SpecialK, whose bracket (“SpecialK”) has stormed to the top of the charts thanks to a best-of-league score of 32 in round four. With a total score of 91and a group-best possible points of 155, SpecialK has a significant chance to win this whole thing.

She’ll have to go through me first, of course.

My team, The Downton Dowagers, has somehow found its way to the top of the pack with a score of 102, thanks in part to successfully predicted all eight of the Elite Eight picks during round three. However, my choice of Syracuse going to the Finals may be my undoing, as the team’s loss cost me vital points to stave off SpecialK. Whereas I once felt unstoppable, I now feel vulnerable, cold, and a little clammy. SpecialK and I both picked Kentucky to win the whole thing, but she selected Kansas in the final game. If Kansas advances to the finals, I’m fairly sure she wins, even if they don’t. If Ohio State moves on, however, I win. Clearly this is a very tense situation.

Meanwhile, on the lower end of the spectrum, HicksPub continues to flounder with 37 points. With a sad goose egg in round 4, her bracket is done for the year. Also falling out are Del Taco Devotee, SuzyQ #3, BesmirchedCheesehead, Boom!, and Fried Cheese, who a week ago was flying high at first place. How the worm has turned! Thank you guys for playing this year.

Let the epic showdown betwixt SpecialK and me begin!!!

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  1. It is on Mr. B-Side!
    In previous years I used “cutest coach” to make my picks and on some games there would be a severe lack of cute so this year I just guessed. Turned out pretty good however I should probably lose points for a lame bracket name.

    Come on Kansas!

  2. Someone has to be the cellar-dweller so that you guys and your grownup picks can feel S-M-R-T. In that regard, I’m am always here for you!

    Good luck to both of you…you’re both worthy of the esteemed title of Cham.

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