Ranking The P90x Supporting Cast From Worst To Best


Anyone who’s been within earshot of me in the past several months knows that I’ve taken the plunge and joined the P90X craze, which has been a journey unto itself. P90X, as many of you probably know, is a workout-at-home program that has users cycling through about ten DVDs repeatedly over the course of ninety days. As a result, we P90Xers are exposed to the same jokes, the same comments, and the same chatter day after day, week after week, and at the center of it all is fitness guru Tony Horton, who takes us to hell and back every day with a colorful cast of supporting characters. It doesn’t take long to grow attached to some of these oft-silent people in the background, and I know many users have their favorites (as well as those they detest). With that in mind, I decided to compile a list — a ranking of all the supporting cast members from worst to best. There were definitely some difficult decisions, but hey, I know it’s hard. It’s supposed to be!

Some clarification before we begin. This list only includes the original P90X. P90X Plus and P90X2 are not represented.

Let’s get busy.


23. Dom


Here’s why Dom is the very worst supporting cast member of P90X. While all of us are sweating and panting away during the torturous, evil DVD known as “Plymometrics” (jump training, essentially), Dom is bouncing around with his spring-loaded legs as if it ain’t no thing. Even worse, he shows EVERYONE up whenever he can, particularly during Jump Knee Tucks, which are the “mother of all the moves” on the “mother of all the workouts.” Here I am, struggling to jump in place like some demented frog, and there’s Dom — boing boing boing. This may be the mother of all the moves, but he is the MOTHER OF ALL ASSHOLES. At that moment, as I see death approaching me (or maybe it’s just the salty sweat in my eyes), I hate Dom more than anything in life. I’m sure he’s a lovely guy though!

22. Katie


This chatterbox is truly the most annoying person in the P90X oeuvre. Appearing on the Back & Biceps DVD, she spends most of the workout clamoring for the spotlight with perky, irritating squeaks and comments. Even worse, towards the end of the DVD when our aforementioned backs and biceps are nothing but loose putty incapable of even the mildest exertion, she volunteers to perform the HARDEST pull-up in the history of pull-ups: the corn cob. Trust me: when you hear her chirp, “I’m gonna do CORN COB!” you’ll want to absolutely punch her in the face (not that I condone violence towards women, but I mean, c’mon…).

WHERE’S YOUR CORN COB NOW?? (I know that makes no sense)

If you need a break from the countdown, do it now. Do NOT sit down. Don’t go eating a pastrami sandwich. Hamburger bad, fries bad, Coca-Cola bad. Drink your water, people.

Mini-break… Break’s over!

21. Wesley Idol


Here’s the problem with Wesley Idol. He allegedly introduced Tony to the Kenpo-X routine (which isn’t THAT great, by the by), and yet Wesley barely seems to be able to properly keep up. I mean, I know Wesley ONLY BLEEDS ON THE INSIDE, but that doesn’t mean he’s allowed to be so slow while doing CLAW PULL PUNCH! CLAW PULL PUNCH! SWORD HAMMER! SWORD HAMMER! Sorry. It just takes over. Anyway, I have some serious questions about Wesley’s form, which is not to say that mine is better (I’m very awkward and tend to fall over for no particular reason), but seriously, if you are the Grand Poobah of Kenpo-X, at least be awesome at it.

20. Timmy


I feel like Timmy would have been a decent guy had he been on any other DVD, but as the fates would have it, he wound up on Back & Biceps with Katie, and this punk (who could surely beat me to a pulp — he was a Marine, after all) sort of suffers because of it. He feeds on Katie’s energy, and it’s not long before the two are practically yapping away, vying for attention. Excuse me, but Tony’s trying to teach a class here, okay? Shut it.

19. Phil


Talk about surly. Our resident lawyer / karate master / caveman, Phil serves as the most humorless guy in the cast. And we have some pretty humorless people (including DOM). I don’t know why Phil is so mad — maybe it’s the janky haircut he sports every time he’s on camera, or maybe it’s that he’s so muscular he can’t do seated spine stretch like everyone else — but either way, I can assure you he’s NO fun. Turn that frown upside-down, brohan.

18. Vanessa


Vanessa is something of a brute. She doesn’t really have much personality, and really the only thing I can consistently remember about her is that her shirt was light green at the beginning of Kenpo-X (it turns to dark green. Sweat, etc.). I think I heard a rumor somewhere that she’s engaged to Jason from Ab Ripper X (lucky her: he’s the RIP KING). Perhaps that’s mentioned on the Cardio-X DVD, which I’ve never used (but I believe they’re both on it). Anyway, I’m getting off topic. The point is that Vanessa is mean, and I question her footwork during Kenpo. THERE. I said it.

17. Scotty Fifer


Scotty Fifer isn’t the worst, but he does seem a little smug, and I can never, EVER forgive him for bringing “Fifer Scissors” into my world. Truth is that whenever Tony Horton mentions that we’ll be doing anything involving scissors, I groan. That Scotty Fifer had to introduce another variation of scissors into the P90X universe is INEXCUSABLE. For shame, Scotty! For shame!

16. Eric


I don’t mind Eric. He owns a boat. And he’s from Belgium. That’s his thing. He seems a touch cocky though. Either way, he signals the transition point on this list from where the cast goes from being annoying to merely bland.

15. Audra


Speaking of bland, here’s Audra. Who? Exactly. She’s the Ann Veal of P90X. Given that she appears on the longest DVD of the bunch (Yoga X) and the most often viewed workout (Ab Ripper X), it’s shocking that I still couldn’t pick her out of a crowd. Having that little personality is a talent. Or maybe an anti-talent. Whatever it is, Audra is the most forgettable — and therefore inoffensive — of the crew.

Who’s that? OH. It’s AUDRA.

Wow, we’re only at 15? I’m dogging it!!

14. Shauna / Shawna


There’s some controversy online about the spelling of Shauna’s name (does it have a u or a w? Who knows??). That might be the most exciting thing about her. Actually, wait. I’M PUSHING MY OWN PERSONAL PAUSE BUTTON. Shauna does have something exciting about her: she always looks like she’s enjoying some sort of sex fantasy whenever she stretches. And boy, can she stretch. She’s so flexible she makes Gumby look like the Tin Man (or is that Adam?). Either way, she could certainly pose FOR THE COVER OF DOWNWARD DOG MAGAZINE. Best downward dog of her life, I’m sure.

13. Jason


Jason… Jason… who’s Jason again? Oh yeah. HE’S THE RIP KING. And engaged to Vanessa. Looks like he didn’t take Tony’s tip of the day: engage… and I don’t mean go out and GET engaged. My only exposure to Jason is on Ab Ripper X (again, I haven’t done Cardio X); so I really know nothing about this guy except that he just loves flinging his arms in the air while doing seated bicycles. Damn him. Johnny Intense like no one’s business.

12. Joe Bovino


Man o Manischewitz. What to say about Joe Bovino? I sort of like Joe Bovino, if only because he must endure Tony perpetually insisting that they’re twins. They’re not. Plus, he has very impressive triceps! Or as Tony calls them, DIAMONDS OF GOLD.

Halfway done with the list. Party’s almost over! What a bummer! If you’re dogging it, just hit the pause button, and when you’re back, we’ll be right here.

11. Dave


Dave is a little bland, making his lone, quiet appearance on the Chest & Shoulders & Triceps DVD. But he’s rather jacked AND a substitute school teacher, a combination which I think is sort of awesome. Part of me wonders if he’s secretly a superhero. I also wonder if he quietly hates the other cast members. He probably does, and I like that.

10. Sophia


To paraphrase Tony, Sophia is GORRRRGEOUS. Ranking as the hottest lady of the bunch, this dentist-in-training has swell teeth and a sexy voice to boot. She clearly seems to be taking the easy road at times on the Legs & Back disc, but… she’s so pretty! I do always wonder though… if Dreya Weber hadn’t taken off her sweatshirt, would Sophia have done the same? I mean, was Sophia intending to take the sweatshirt off just moments after Dreya, or was she merely catering to some self-imposed sweatshirt-stripdown peer pressure? Part of me thinks she would have kept hers on a little longer if she had her druthers. These are the things I think about.

9. Bobby Stephenson


Good ol’ Bobby Stephenson. He seems like a solid dude. He’s an amiable guy, and on the Back & Biceps DVD, he’s the only one NOT clamoring for screen time (as opposed to Katie and Timmy). For that alone, he lands in the top ten.

8. Tony Lattimore


Here’s why I like Tony: he often times seems like the only one who knows what he’s doing during Kenpo-X. Talk to anyone, and they’ll tell you: keep your eye on Tony Lattimore for form. It’s true. GRAB PULL PUNCH!

7. Laura


I like Laura because she’s older than anyone else in the cast, and yet she’s plugging right along with the best of them. Of course, then I feel bad that she can do significantly more than I can (you don’t want to see me attempt a plyo-pushup), but hey, that’s okay. More power to her. Plus, we can see that Tony especially likes her as he often sidles up next to her to make some silly joke or comment. Aw, I love LAURONY.

6. Maren


When it comes to Maren, there are only three words necessary: GERMAN POTATO SOUP. Yes, that’s the imaginary brew she stirs up during the world famous Karen pot stirrers, and dammit if it doesn’t make me hungry every time. Maren seems like a sweet girl — trying her best just like the rest of us. Heck, she’s not just trying her best, she’s FORGETTING THE REST. Also, fun fact: she’s a hardcore porn star too! What? You didn’t see Joey Silvera’s Fashion Sluts 11? Me neither. I’m not sure I want to see Maren having sex. Part of me fears that she’ll sound like a pterodactyl backing out of trouble. KAW KAW!!

I’m in a good mood today, man. You in a good mood?

5. Dreya Weber


Some people love the “gorgeous” Dreya. Some people hate her. Here’s one thing we can all settle on: she flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Call me insane (and lord knows there ain’t no such thing as a sanity clause), but I like Dreya. She’s tough, a little manly, and she always smiles. You can tell that she and Tony really get along, and any friend of Tony’s is a friend of mine (except for anyone on the bottom part of this list… I’m looking at you, DOM). Anyway, I know some of you may be upset that I’ve placed Dreya so high, but what the hell, life is good, I’m the leader, I can do whatever I want.

4. Erik Stolhanske


Give Erik some credit. Not only is he part of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe (Supertroopers), but he has one leg, and he still shows up for Plyometrics. AND he makes jokes about it. There seriously have been times when I’ve wanted to collapse on the floor in a puddle of my own sweat during this workout, but then I realize that if Erik can do it with one leg, I can do it with two. Even better, Erik isn’t all DOM about it. He’s not showy. He just does his thing. He proves that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING FOR THIRTY SECONDS IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT. In other news, I can’t always do anything for thirty seconds, even if I put my mind to it. Although, if it’s resting and drinking water, I certainly have that down.

3. Daniel Haas


About an hour into the Yoga X DVD — when every muscle in your body is trembling, sweat is dripping down your face, and you’re seriously contemplating burning down the offices of Downward Dog magazine — perhaps the last thing you want to see are all those people on screen bending and contorting their bodies like a bunch of pretzels. It can be defeating. And then there’s Daniel Haas. Seeing his imperfect form gives you hope (unlike Wesley Idol’s imperfect form, which just looks lazy). Daniel Haas makes me realize that I’m truly a work in progress, just like he is. Also, he seems cool.

2. Adam


Ah, Johnny-trainer-stretchy-dancer boy. Adam is arguably the most physically fit member of the P90X cast. That’s probably why he prances around shirtless through two-thirds of the videos he’s in. We probably should hate Adam for the way he breezes through Ab Ripper X or Yoga Belly 7 (“HIT MY HAND. HIT MY HAND!!!”). But we don’t. His stone-cold face shows determination and grit (as opposed to Phil, whose face shows anger and bitterness). And then we get to Core Synergistics, and Adam is all smiles and giggles, especially at the end when he tries to go for some bonus reps and fails miserably. Wait, Adam can fail? HE’S JUST LIKE US! And quite frankly, I don’t know how he doesn’t get faked out when Tony says “Add ’em” and then later has to say, “Add the arms, not Adam back there.” The fact that Adam doesn’t flinch always impresses me because I would have been like “YES? YOU CALLED MY NAME???”

Of course, must I even mention the coup de grace? It happens during Yoga. The group is doing frog, and Shauna winds up touching Adam’s foot. So what does he do? Adam wiggles his toe to say hi. HE WIGGLES HIS TOE TO SAY HI. I mean, this man is a GENTLEMAN. There’s only one person who could possibly top that. You’ve probably already guessed who it is.

All this tension… I hate it…

But I love it…

Get ready…

‘Cause it’s coming…

1. Pam


Although, they call her…

1. BLAM!!!


Pam is a private investigator, but more important than that, she is the recipient of the most important nickname in all of P90X: PAM THE BLAM. Everything else is irrelevant. Just make sure of one thing: don’t stand in the creek ’cause Pam will run you over!

Wow. That’s the end. Take in the fact that you just did all that.

Who are your favorites? And what are your favorite quotes?

127 replies on “Ranking The P90x Supporting Cast From Worst To Best”

  1. Loved the ranking! I’ve been doing P90X for three years now and feel like I know all of the players like friends. As for Dreya, yeah, alright, I can see how you all think she’s annoying, but hey, it’s her 15 minutes of fame, and she’s in wicked shape. Give her a break. She’s there to do what she does, and she kicks ass. As for Dave (Big Dave, Davey, whatever), anyone notice how Tony gets his name wrong a couple of times? Poor guy. And as for Adam inflating his count, I’ve wondered if it wasn’t just a sloppy cut in the edit room? There are a few times when you can notice that they splice cut, like in KENPO (I think that’s the one) where on the third set of X-jumping jacks, Tony is having them do ten, but after the third one it cuts and then he says after a couple more, okay, only three more, which adds up to eight. So maybe that’s what happened in Adam’s case.

    I don’t know, some of they are annoying, some of them more likeable, but kudos to all of them for being selected and getting their butts kicked on TV. And as for Tony, if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t like P90X as much as I do. To me he’s a likeable guy and his corny sense of humor and the fact that he doesn’t take himself seriously is what makes the whole thing worth it. P90X rocks!

  2. Forgot to add, Tony calls Dave “Shawn” a couple of times. How deflating that must have been…

    1. I half wondered if it was a mix-up because the guy in Power 90 was named Sean/Shawn. Still odd…

  3. How awesome was that !! you got it right on every single one of them ,except you forgot to mention how cute Daniel Haas is……i think he’s really cute..haha!!

  4. Gotta disagree with you about Audra. Can’t slam the noisy ones and then rail on the gal with terrific form and a delicious bottom. They were smart enough to keep her sweet landing pad on screen for 20 of the 24 Hip Rock and Raise reps, then a bunch more for Heels to the Heavens. Worked hard, cute girl with great form. And that oh so sweet gushy!

  5. I love your review, SO MUCH, it makes me want to cry. But I actually like Katie! She seems like a real person somehow. But that’s just me. Thanks for the laughs–the way you incorporated all the Tony-isms in was brilliant.

  6. Dom’s an A-hole because he can jump like a MF’er? We should strive for greatness like this….i.e., raise the bar instead of lowering it. I’d love to jump like that…and am close. Also PAM, #1? I like the laid-back-ness, but she’s pretty neutral. Sophia and Audra, on the other hand…#1 and #2 on pure hotness.

    1. Yes, this was written by someone frustrated with their own work in progress (which I understand since I started that way too). But now I love that Dom sets the bar high. After you have been through a few rounds of P90X, you want to hang with Dom. If he were not there, it would lack challenge.

  7. This is a masterpiece.

    So many funny inside jokes with Tony quotes its PERFECT.

    And I wonder the same thing with Sophia. She definitely took of the hoodie because she felt pressured.

  8. This is the best thing I’ve EVER read. Like, I want to show it to everyone I know, but those losers haven’t done p90x, so it would be lost on them.
    The line “…and I can never, EVER forgive him for bringing “Fifer Scissors” into my world.”
    Is just…kiss on the fingertips

  9. This is AWESOME! I laughed my ass off the entire time. LOVED the Tony quotes and I always think the same thing with Sophia and the hoodie! And getting Dave’s name wrong. And Fifer scissors! I think you got it mostly right, although I wouldn’t have put Pam at #1. Daniel Haas is my personal favorite…I think I have a little P90X crush on him. Okay, I know I do.

  10. I literally laughed out loud as I went through the list. This is some absolutely funny and clever stuff. I’m going through the program for the 3rd time, so I know every line. you incorporated them perfectly, my friend.

  11. …and Katie IS the worst cast member of the program…that grunting little chub-let.

  12. I tried to use my Golden Retriever as a prop since I didn’t a nephew lying around the house. He did not like it. THIS ONES FOR YOU MOM! ……wait for it, wait for it……YOU TOO DAD.

  13. Great Great Job!!! . . . and research on Maren. It’s going to take me a while to get over her day job. Not only the way she says, “German Poh Tah Toh Soup but the way she says Tew En Ty when asked how many reps she is going to do.

    C’mon though, Audra?? Dude she is the sweetest of ALL THE X women.
    Ab Ripper X??? The last 10 reps of The Mason Twist???
    Sweaty, Jiggly Breastseseses???

    . . . oh and one suggestion. If you ever meet Wesley Idol on the street, don’t try to test him!!!!

  14. Whoops, one more thing. You failed to mention that Dreya has made at least two movies. The Gymnast (includes some nude scenes) and A Marine’s Story which was directed by Ned Farr, that lucky boy.. The flicks can be found in IMDB

  15. LOL this totally made me laugh after doing legs & back!!!

    I agree, Sofia is freakin’ gorgeous. and i’m gay. Dreya? ok. Love your top 10!!!! Especially the hard working ones and the nice guys 🙂

  16. I found this post a while back, and commented how much I loved it! I’ve been doing my own cast profiles since I started P90X2, and my website link is a tribute to this blog post (comparing the P90X2 cast). Thanks for the fun, and enjoy my post!

  17. this is hilarious and so friggin’ spot on that its scary…I was thinking the same thing during these videos ( which are working great btw)…but i never made the connection as I thought that Audra was two different girls…she looks so different on the yoga vs ab ripper i would have ranked her higher due to the yoga video, she is amazingly calm in those poses – (as opposed to me sweating my but off)…I would have gone 5 Erik,4 Sophia,3 Pam, 2 Dreya, 1 Adam – gotta give it up to Adam but I think that guy was never out of shape in his life so I think he’s a “ringer” for the videos

  18. Hey great list! Maybe we should rank the people in Shaun T’s Insanity next 🙂

  19. Great review. I especially like the thought about burning down the offices of Downward Dog Magazine!

  20. Audra is heinously underrated. She’s as tough as nails–just look at her composure through Ab Ripper. She does not flinch! Ever!

    My favourite has to be the Haas. He’s a stud. Hire him!

  21. I must agree with you, Audra is really underrated. That girl is hot and very strong….She was really calm in Ab Ripper X till the very last minute. Check her out after mason twist, she was the only one still sitting…i have never had to complete mason twist with the bonus round.

    From the very start of Ab Ripper X, she was calm as if nothin was happening….she is very underrated!

  22. I must agree with you, Audra is really underrated. That girl is hot and very strong….She was really calm in Ab Ripper X till the very last minute. Check her out after mason twist, she was the only one still sitting…i have never had to complete mason twist with the bonus round.

    From the very start of Ab Ripper X, she was calm as if nothin was happening….she was very underrated!

  23. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! this had me in tears!! I’m in my second round of P90X (had to cross train in between bc I couldn’t stand the thought of seeing Tony again so soon.)

    I agree, Pam is by far the absolute best. The only girl who doesn’t dress too ho-ish. And she plows down Tony, which is a bonus!

    Dom is a sleazy annoyance. But Dreya is my most hated. She is smug, cocky, and she wears man socks! She talks too much in Legs & Back, and tops it off by yelling “BOOTY!!”

    Thanks for highlighting the worst Tony-isms. I cringe at his mindless chatter to an uncaring room (“my old man pitched a couple of no hitters in his day…” … Crickets…) and his circle run “GET SEXY WITH IT!!”, and the confusing ab ripper comment “there’s no part one and part two… It’s part two.” Um, what??? 🙂

  24. If you haven’t seen Cardio X you’ve missed one of the best parts where they are doing the running in place thing at full speed and Tony yells “Jason’s getting all weird on me. Like Neanderthal runner guy”

  25. Wow, amazing weblog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made running a blog glance easy. The total glance of your website is great, let alone the content!

  26. Love the article. I would’ve have done a slightly different order, but overall I think it’s pretty close. However, how did you forget to mention that Timmy chews gum for the first 15 minutes or so of back and biceps. What?! And maybe you were a little too harsh on Phil. If you had to deal with Tony’s crap, you might be a little grouchy too, plus he did have a funnier line.
    Whenever I need a giggle, I pull this post up. Thanks!

  27. This list was excellent, thanks for making my day.

    Anybody else notice in Chest & Shoulders & Triceps, when Tony asks Dave what kind of soup he is stirring up, I believe he says “Lo Mein Noodle”. I don’t think Tony understood what Dave said, and says something to the effect of “Menooo….nice”. Dave never corrects him and remains silent.

    I always felt bad for him in that moment, haha.

  28. This is so hilarious and spot on! Loved how you incorporated the many quotes we’ve grown to love (or hate) over this journey! Great job!

  29. My favorite part in the whole program is when Tony slaps Phil on the shoulder during X-Stretch I think and says, “Nice muscles dude,” and Phil snaps him a look like, “Did you just really say that?”

  30. This cracked me up, but don’t you think FIFER is FIGHTING FER…first?!? Also, can Tony count to ten, cause I’m pretty sure one round of the X-Jumps he only goes to eight. Not to mention the side shin kicks where he says to ‘think shin’ and then kicks for height. And don’t get me started on Insanity cause don’t you just love that hip flexor stretch cause “I wish I could put my hip all the way into the floor”….

  31. Man, thanks for this! It’s spot on. Well, I would switch Katie and Dom, but that’s about it. Katie’s photo with the caption of the corn cob, man that really made me laugh out loud!

  32. Two very subtle but hilarious parts:
    1) Watch Tony’s face on Legs and Back after Dreya quotes CHICO Marx (It’s not a Groucho line…and don’t ask me how I know that, I’m in my 30’s). He gives this “whatever crazy lady” look that’s actually pretty funny.
    2) Watch Tony’s face after Laura gets a little testy doing arm circles in Chest, Shoulders, and Tri’s. She gives him the “I’M FEELIN IT!” and he backs away with the “whoa fiesty girl!” look.

    Makes me laugh anyway.

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  34. You are my hero for writing this! Except for the Dryea part… eff you! Dryea sucks! Thanks for the rest though!

  35. I cannot stand Dreya. She is arrogant and cocky. She could use a class in humbleness. Yes she has an amazing body but this is what she does for a living besides she looks like a man (square jaw). I feel bad for Sophia because Tony seems to criticize her a lot on this DVD and constantly is at Dreya’s side complimenting her and drooling. Gag!! Then later he rags on Sophia for her choice of soup, I believe it is lobster bisque “I wouldn’t recommend it” but yet on another DVD someone else calls it out and they are not rebuffed. I enjoy watching all the peeps. Adam has a perfect physique and works hard. I like Pam cause she does her own thing, no peer pressure for her!! Oh and Eric from Belgium who lives in a bar. I would like to bash him in the head. He is a freaking over-achiever show off. Do the people on these DVDs realize we are all beginners and working our butts off to just complete an exercise without collapsing onto the floor crying? All in all, it’s all good (could we please cut Dreya out of the dvds however?).

  36. Shauna is Tony’s live-in girlfriend. He dedicated his book to her. Anyway, I think Joe and Bobby should be ranked higher. Especially Bobby, that dude is doing mega pull ups while Tony is taking breaks “coaching”. Joe goes the extra mile during the arm workout as well!

  37. Great write up! Hilarious! Especially the Tonyisms… did you pull your choke dude?

    Didn’t see it mentioned… anyone notice that Dreya tries to get an early start on shoulder presses during shoulders and arms? She bolts off screen during the last set of stretches and then realizes, oh crap – we’re still stretching!
    I crack up everytime I see it… don’t know why.

  38. this is great!! too funny!
    i feel bad for Sophia too, Tony does seem to criticize her too many times, she’s shy too, but she seems to take her revenge silently when she hits him in the face with the bands, funny!!

    diamonds of gold! love this phrase

    then you have the time when Tony goes “slide it in johnny stiff”, seriously?? might want to rethink what you just said..

  39. I actually feel bad for Sensei Idol.
    He happens to be a legitimate, high ranking black belt in the Parker system.
    The KenpoX workout is not that bad.
    Go watch a karate class and it pretty much is similar.
    In fact if you added self defense and sparring after the kenpox workout you would have a fairly complete dojo practice.
    The sad part is that Wesley does look lazy, he is lacking in the technique associate with his rank,
    and worse it depicts what harder arts like kajukenbo think of Parkers kenpo.

  40. I desperately need clarification on a very important fact. In Core Syn, when Tony is introducing us to the Dreya Roll, he says to Dreya: “Why is it called the Dreya Roll?”
    A: “Because this crazy BROAD right here introduced me to it!” OR…
    B. “Because this crazy BRAT right here introduced me to it!”
    Which is it? This has bee a 3-year old dispute between my husband and I and I need it resolved!!!!

  41. And another thing…can we talk about Maren’s hair? Why would you show up to star in a workout video with wet bed-head? And why is she giggling all the time like she’s drunk?

  42. Hilarious article, I needed some comic relief as I start Week 6. I’ll throw in a few cents:
    – I have no problem with Pam as your #1, she has great form and she smiles a lot even as Tony’s being a clown all up in her face.
    – Sophia’s the one that motivates me the most, just because she’s unbelievably gorgeous and it serves as a reminder that I need to work hard if I want to be rejected by women in her league.
    – I concede that Katie’s a bit annoying in a little-sister sort of way, but at the same time it’s also endearing. Let’s face it, most of us schlubs are probably very much like her, grunting and whining as we suffer through the program.
    – Dreya and Phil are tied at the very bottom of my list. I can’t stand the sight of either one of them.

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