This week Lisa and I really tackle the uplifting topics this week: bad dates, dead bunnies, acid maiming, and Michael Madsen. But all in the funniest way. We also get excited about the upcoming Hunger Games movie, talk Rihanna and Chris Brown, and chat about their favorite screen legend, Faye Dunaway. What’s not to love? Take a listen and find out how you can get involved in the next episode!

Also, there was a problem with the software when we recorded; so there’s some distortion with the audio. Sorry!

2 replies on “BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA: Episode 32 – Hunger Games, Rihanna & Chris Brown, and Bunny Murder”

  1. I am going to post about my awful dates here and not on your Facebook page so that I can keep my real identity a secret haha.

    This first story is not so much about a date… but about being asked out. I am a graduate student and I am also a teaching assistant for undergraduate classes during the academic year. A couple of years ago one of my students slipped me a note when he handed in his final exam. The note basically said that he thought I was cute, that he had thought so for the whole year and that I should contact him if I would want to talk outside of class. I didn’t know what to do, but I talked to some friends and colleagues… and then I contacted him (once class was done and all marks were submitted to avoid any conflict of interest). Anyway, we met and he told me that he had dropped the class in October, but kept coming every week to see me. This class was Monday mornings at 8AM so he insisted that I meant so much and that he didn’t like the class at all… just me. He then asked if I was his girlfriend. I just politely told him that this wasn’t going to progress, but I thought that was pretty weird. Any thoughts?

    A second situation involves an actual date. I met this guy on my commute into work (we take the same bus every day). We would chat about random things and one day he asked me out for a drink. I agreed, since he seemed like a nice enough guy. Well, as we were drinking he said that he couldn’t wait to take me home to India so that his parents could meet his future wife. I laughed, thinking that he was making a joke. Nope. He looked straight at me and asked why I was laughing. So I told him… and he looked hurt. It was creepy… and I started taking a different bus to work.

    Maybe it’s just me… but those situations were too weird!

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