Revenge Is Imminent!

I come to my blog readers with a serious mea culpa. I have neglected my blogger duties, having failed to produce a recap or a photocap for a variety of TV shows that have aired in the past two weeks or so. The truth of the matter is that I had several non-blog related deadlines to meet, and now I’m off on “holiday” in Paris (where I will hopefully walk in the footsteps of Ina Garten and enjoy an omelet and champagne at dusk). Anyway, I realize the content has been lacking here, and I do apologize. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a few odds and ends up over the course of the week.

In the meantime, enjoy this campy promo for this week’s episode of Revenge. And know that the ultimate revenge for being a bad blogger is knowing I’ll have to wait an extra five days to see this new episodeā€¦

4 replies on “Revenge Is Imminent!”

  1. SERIOUSLY this is really troubling me, I am sick of comming here every day and seeing NOTHING> ugh

    1. Even worse, coming here and having yet more videos. lol.

      My days of being a fan are quickly coming to a close.

      1. Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully your days of posting under a variety of pseudonyms (Karen, Chris, Kiki, Christin, Aunty Christin) aren’t coming to a close either!

        1. I have 5 sisters, 2 brothers and our aunt lives here with me and my mom while 4 of us go to college. We all just use whatever email lists. There are no pseudonyms, at all.

          About once a month, we actually do chat about our favorite sites online and and unfortunately there really isn’t much going on here. I for one used to come here a lot and then start the text chat about ‘you guys have to read ____ on Bside, it’s hysterical!’

          I don’t even use email, so I use my sisters’ – hence Chris’s email that is used right now.

          So, before you accuse, you should realize that we’re not all ‘1 person to an apartment or house’. Some of us are struggling.

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