Soap operas are in a sad state. I think there are only two? Three? left on the air, and the audiences keep shrinking. Perhaps in an effort to stoke viewer interest in this wheezing genre, NBC has posted an amusing photo gallery titled “Salem’s Hottest Hunks,” which claims to be chock full of “your favorite Salem eye candy!” Salem, of course, is the fictional town that Days of Our Lives calls home, and one would think it would be teeming with abs and pecs and the ripply muscles one would expect from an alleged hunk. Not so much. As the above photo demonstrates, the definition of “hunk” has been sorely abused by NBC.

Maybe this is why soaps are dying. If the guy above passes as a hunk, one can only imagine what the standards are for the writing.

To see the rest of the hunks (who luckily are a bit more hunky), click here.

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