The world was shocked today when music icon Whitney Houston died today at 48. Listen in as Lisa Timmons and I as well as Matt Whitfield from Yahoo! discuss this surprising turn of events. We talk about our favorite Whitney memories, theorize on how this will affect the Grammys, and wax nostalgic about the singer’s impact. It’s our tribute to Whitney!

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7 replies on “BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA: Tribute to Whitney Houston”

  1. Matt, NOOOOO!!! If they let Christina Aguilera pay tribute to Whitney I will cut someone. She already butchered “At Last” at Etta’s own funeral. She’s horrible x 100 lately. I’d say only Mariah, Beyonce, or an older icon are acceptable. No. One. Else.

  2. Bonnie and Dolly would be great. Same era of Grammy nominations. I agree that Xtina would be horrible!

  3. It’s been announced that J-Hud WILL be performing the tribute!

    Also, the Clive Davis party went on as scheduled, contrary to what we claimed on the podcast.

  4. I heard Chaka Khan will be part of the tribute tonight.
    If Christina gets anywhere near a microphone I hope Kanye storms the stage and interrupts her.


    1. philbill43 I wouldn’t mind her prniovg me wrong, but I think the meth and/or coke (whether crack or free-base) smoking has permanently damaged her lungs, if not her vocal cords (with less capacity she can no longer force the volume of air through them needed to hit some of those notes, so it *could* be her throat’s still fine and she just needs aerobics and cardio workouts to regain the voice’).

  5. After seeing her, at some club, looking like quite a mess, after supposedly ‘getting herself clean’ the last year or so, I wasn’t that shocked that she died.

    I’m over it already.

    I guess I’m the only one. :shrugs:

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