Please make it stop.

When “Shit Girls Say” first surfaced last month, it was hilarious. The follow-up was also very funny. It looked like a classic web series in the making. However, the internet has killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Thanks to many well-meaning but frequently unfunny imitators, the entire conceit of “Shit ____ Say” has been utterly destroyed.

Some tributes to the web series have been fairly successful (ie. Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls and Shit Spanish Girls Say), but overall, almost unilaterally the knockoffs just aren’t funny. At best, they make us smile thanks to the germ of a humorous idea, an amiable performance, or a few clever lines. But sadly, this meme has now entered the realm of “Duh! Winning!” It’s overdone, lacking in novelty, and quite frankly annoying (see example above). Plus, as wannabe viral superstars try to carve out a niche for themselves with the meme, the themes become less universal. I mean, Shit Sri Lankan Mothers Say? (Ironically, this one made me laugh more than all the others. Bad example. Can’t say the same for Shit Women Say To Personal Trainers though). Sure, I may sound like a jerk — raining on many people’s parades and whatnot — but isn’t that what bloggers are for?

Take back the Internet, people.

Shit bloggers say: ENOUGH.

6 replies on “It’s Time For The ‘Sh*t People Say’ Meme To End”

  1. I love football, and I say some pretty stupid stuff during the game sometimes, but that video above is ridiculous. Also, how could they omit a mention of “that’s Kroy Biermann, he’s married to Kim from Real Housewives!”? Duh!

    Anyway, these are starting to wear out their welcome, but some of them are still pretty funny.

  2. I’d really like all these posted videos to stop.

    Where’s the blogger that we’ve all come to know and love?

    Where’s the Survivor end Cap?

    Where are all the blogging posts, that you actually type?

    Sigh, I guess it’s the beginning of the end when all you do for 3 weeks is post videos.


    1. I have had to cut back on my content because of other obligations. I can only do so much!

      That being said, if you look around the site, you’ll see that there’s still a good amount of original content that I’m generating.

  3. I feel like I just discovered these Sh*t People Say videos so I am not over them yet. The girl who did Sh&t white girls day was on Anderson Cooper the other day.

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