Okay, ladies and gents. Time to vote with your loins. People just announced that the Sexiest Man Alive is Bradley Cooper — he of the smarmy rictus and greasy hair (a.k.a. devilish grin and luscious locks, for those who are decidedly in the pro-Cooper camp). As OMG points out, many people aren’t thrilled with the choice, especially when others like the omnipresent Ryan Gosling seem a much better fit for the title.

Where do you stand? Is Bradley Cooper the sexiest man alive, or should someone else have won the title? And if so, who?

20 replies on “YEA OR NAY: The Sexiest Man Alive Is… Bradley Cooper? Really?”

  1. NAY! I do not find Bradley Cooper attractive enough to even be in the top 10, but then again, I am like the only person I know who doesn’t find Ryan Gosling attractive in the least, either. These awards seem to just go to whoever’s in the spotlight at the time, anyway, which is another reason I’m surprised they didn’t give it to Ryan Gosling. My vote would be for someone else more like Henry Cavill a la The Tudors. He is Superman, now, after all.

  2. I don’t get it. I feel like he is pushed on us as hot but really isn’t. I’ll take about anyone over him.

  3. Not hot! Not very handsome at all… just average.

    There are so many other men that deserve that honor over him. It makes me wonder how much influence managers or studios have over this designation.

  4. If “sexiest man alive” = “has a nice smile” then I can see how they came up with him.

    In order for Ryan Gosling to qualify, “sexiest man alive” = “slitty eyes that are too close together”

  5. Nope, I don’t think he’s the Sexiest Man Alive. I just read an online article today where past winners haven’t turned out so well, i.e., Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte and others.

    Whenever I see Bradley Cooper, I think of the character he played in Wedding Crashers. It seems like he didn’t really have to stretch his acting chops too much to play the role because it ran so true to who he really is, an entitled asshole.

  6. What is with this new math requirement to comment. Dang!
    My vote is NAY, though he is boyishly cute. Really too pretty for boyfriend material. Gosseling is not attractive to me at all. Neither is that twilight vampire dude either.

  7. He gets my YAY! I think he is hot and I pretty much see any movie he is in regardless of plot or quality… not too many other actors I put into that silly category. I can’t think of a time People ever picked someone I did feel was Sexiest Alive anyway (*cough* Alex O’Loughlin *cough*) but he definitely does not disappoint me!

  8. He is so deserving of this title! Have you seen his amazing blue eyes and luscious locks?! haha I’m kidding, but seriously he is hot.

    1. Saw SJP at Lenox Hill when Ava was in the NICU. Her sister was hainvg a baby. Oh yeah, we chatted it up. Saw Clive Owens at Nobu last Saturday night. See how casually I said that, like I’m always hanging out at celeb hot spots. So not. See Ethan Hawke all the time looking pale and stinky. An old guy with a young Asian gal oh wait, it’s Woody and Soon Yi. Seen Kevin and Kyra, of course but you and Rick are already way close with them.a0 Saw Will Farrell dining at an outdoor cafe near my apartment.a0 Ricky Lake at brunch gotta love NY![]

  9. I’m not a big fan, his looks are fetching, but I can’t get over his ego. Plus I prefer a guy a little more rough and tumble around the edges….like Daniel Craig for example.

    Now for pretty boys, Anderson Cooper has it hands down 🙂 plus he’s smart.

  10. He was doinking J.Lo. there for 4 hot seconds. Getting Skeletor’s sloppy seconds kinda takes you out of the running for Sexiest Man Alive if you ask me.

  11. I didn’t think Ryan Gosling was hot in pictures, but then I saw him in a movie and omg he is gorgeous! Love him. I like his voice.

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