Everyone loves a comeback story, and I have to admit that lately I’ve been ready for my ’80s icons to make a splash again. Whitney Houston, Prince, Phil Collins, Pebbles — I’m pulling for them all. Chief among the stars I’d like to see resurrect themselves is Madonna, and let’s face it, of all the names I just mentioned, she seems the most likely to launch a successful comeback (after Pebbles, of course).

Some might argue that Madonna hasn’t really gone away, which is true, but she hasn’t had a mega-hit since her Music album eleven years ago. Since then Madonna’s had moderate success with tracks like “Hung Up” and “4 Minutes,” but nothing that’s left a major impression on pop culture. Now comes a leaked demo of Madonna’s new single, “Give Me All Your Love.” It’s peppy, that’s to say the least, and it certainly is catchy, but will it be a hit? And is there room for Madonna in today’s Lady Gaga / Katy Perry / Rihanna pop scene? Take a listen and then weigh in.

Via Vulture