Very exciting news, everyone. After a summer hiatus, Banter with Ben and Lisa is back, and this time we’re looking spiffier than ever. Okay, the only major change is that we updated our logo. Well, that and the fact that the podcast is now part of the Sideshow Network where you’ll find other great content from the likes of George Lopez and Frangela, among others.

Anyway, since it’s been four months since our last podcast (there’s one we recorded but scrapped because it was so boring), some might be inclined to say that we were being lazy. NEVER. Instead, this is merely the, uh, SEASON PREMIERE. Yes! The season premiere of Banter with Ben and Lisa! And on this episode, we tackle some popular television programs: The Walking Dead, Happy Endings, and Revenge. Along the way, we have several detours (as usual) including a five-minute prologue about the perils of URL registration as well as a tangental discussion of a recent cake wreck that Lisa and I engaged in. Plus, we touch on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the resurrection of In Living Color.

Be sure to check it out, and check out the Sideshow Network too. Remember you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and if you do that, you might just get to hear the show before it even appears here on this blog. Incentives!