Back in 1999, American Pie came around and rocked our world. It was edgy, hilarious, and sweet. Over the years, the “brand” has been sullied by bad word of mouth on its sequels and spinoffs, but now comes American Reunion, which promises to reunite the original cast (including Stifler’s mom, Nadia, and John Cho in his catchphrase-creating role of MILF Guy #2). Will the power of nostalgia (and Tara Reid) bring you back to the theaters? Or has this thing (and Tara Reid) run its course?

2 replies on “YEA OR NAY: American Reunion?”

  1. Not really sure if we need this film. It looks a lot like this season’s new sitcoms which seem to be stamped out of the same mold.
    Now, “Revenge” is something to watch!

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