It may come as no shock to anyone that a scene on Jersey Shore was faked, but like the host of the above clip, I like to pretend that everything I see on these shows is real unless faced with glaring evidence to the contrary. Well, here’s the glaring evidence to the contrary.

Comedian Sean Klitzner debunks an ice-throwing scene on a recent episode of Jersey Shore (which I have to admit I stopped watching midway through the season). Thanks to the powers of slow-motion and closeups, it appears a producer threw ice at Snooki, not a bartender — as the audience would be led to believe. Tsk tsk tsk.

Listen, I always tell people that reality shows are scripted to a certain degree, and it’s the best ones of the genre that pull it off with finesse. Unfortunately, with this latest Italian escapade, Jersey Shore has lost its finesse, which probably explains why I and apparently millions of others have stopped watching (ratings are down after a big premiere). Don’t worry, I’ll pick it up again when the gang heads back to Jersey where hopefully the drama won’t need to be spurred on by sneaky producers…

Via Reality Blurred

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