A few years ago, I blogged about my friend Mark Randazzo of Mark Joseph Cakes in New York City. Back then, he crafted an R2-D2 Cake, which was red instead of blue, throwing the nerds into a tizzy of epic proportions. Coloration issues be damned, the post became and has continued to be my most highly visited blog entry to this date, having been picked up by BoingBoing, Serious Eats, and Starwars.com, of all places.

In the three years that have passed, Mark has continued to build amazing cakes, and his business has totally taken off. Sometimes I forget just how talented he is, but thanks to his intrepid wife Leslie and her Facebooking skillz, I remembered all over again this morning when she posted some awesome mobile pics of some recent cakes. Trawling through her pictures, I found several amazing creations, and I just had to share four of them here.

Amaaaaaaaazing cakes after the jump…

The photo that caught my eye this morning: a cake version of The Frick, a museum and art collection in Manhattan. Yes, this is made of cake.

Another view, this time with cherry blossoms.

A dog cake. The flaps are utterly perfect. I have a hard time believing this isn’t a plush toy.

This cake may seem simple compared to the others, but its perfectly clean lines and marbled colors clearly indicate a high level of control and artistry. Totally blown away.

Finally, Mark and his wife Leslie with a cake version of the Guggenheim. I kind of want them to take on every New York architectural landmark now.

Great work, Mark. It’s no wonder you’ve become one of the top cake makers in NYC!!

Website: Mark Joseph Cakes
On Facebook: Mark Joseph Cakes group

7 replies on “You MUST Look At These Amazing Cakes by Mark Randazzo!”

  1. These are gorgeous and I love that they actually still look like something you would want to eat. So many of the crazy cakes you see look like they would tase really awful and these for some reason still look tasty! Very, very talented!

  2. I can’t imagine cutting into any of these cakes because they obviously took so much time to make and look stunning. I guess as long as *I* didn’t have to cut into them, I wouldn’t feel that bad about eating them…

  3. Wow these cakes are amazing, have been looking for an R2D2 cake because my nephew is into star wars, just to get some ideas and I come across your cakes. Very good. Are you able to hand out your recipes and designs :P. need one for the R2D2 if possible. Thanks

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