Sandra Lee, Food Network star and First Lady of New York, has many detractors. Most assail her utterly disgusting recipes (Kwanzaa cake anyone?) and others her sing-songy delivery. Well, Sandra Lee haters, we now have more grist for your mill. Outtakes of the flaxen cook attempting to get through a shoot have surfaced. They’re replete with cursing and boob clutching, and quite frankly, the video actually makes me like her. If this were the Sandra Lee we could see on TV — all boozy and foul-mouthed — I’d be all about it, despite her dubious recipes. What do you think?

The video has already been taken down from YouTube and Vimeo; so catch it on Eater while you can…

Eater LA: Here’s Sandra Lee Swearing in ‘Semi-Homemade’ Outtakes

Thanks JASH.

One reply on “Sandra Lee Curses, Is Fun”

  1. I have never understood the Sandra Lee hate. I think she is campy and fun and she doesn’t take herself or what she does too seriously – unlike that jackoff jizz Bourdain god I cannot stand his smarmy ass –

    Funny fuck shit video.

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