Shocking news from the world of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Russell Armstrong, husband of Taylor, was found dead last night at the age 47. TMZ reports that the cause of death is suicide.

Taylor Armstrong filed for divorce from Russell last month. No word on how the death will impact the upcoming season of Real Housewives.

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16 replies on “‘Housewives’ Husband Russell Armstrong Found Dead of Apparent Suicide”

  1. I did a double take when I saw this on the page. I can’t believe this. My thoughts are with her in the terrible time, I just hope she can find the strength to get through. I know it will be hard for her and her daughter. I wish her well.

  2. This is the end of the Real Housewives. The franchise is now semi-responsible for several divorces, bankrupticies, manslaughter (AJ), & suicide.

    It is no longer pleasantly voyeristic on how rich people live and spend their time. It’s now outright depressing.

    1. I could not agree more. I was so looking forward to the new season, but in light of this death I can’t in good conscience participate, as a viewer, in the destruction of more and more people and their families.

      NJ is also skirting this territory, and I personally thought Kelly Bensimon would be the first actual casualty of Andy Cohen’s path to TV mogul.

  3. Is it too much to hope that an incident such as this, while tragic, will hopefully knock some sense into these reality tv “stars” to re-examine their empty and materialistic lives? Perhaps Taylor will realize that a $60K birthday party for a toddler is probably not the best idea?

  4. Unfortunately, though, I think the network will view this as television “gold” and exploit it for all it is worth to get the ratings up, under the pretense that they are merely showing what is “real”. If I were Taylor, I would withdraw immediately from any further taping, but what are the chances of that occurring?

    1. So far they’ve shown incredible restraint. I read a report that they will not film and air the funeral, good people at Bravo. Class acts one and all.

      But you’re very right. This will probably boost ratings because we watch it and that’s all that matters to the network. Bravo is NBC by the way.

      Taylor? She’ll milk this for anything and everything. From what I’ve read she was told by the producers something like, “bring the drama or you’re out,” and she certainly followed orders.

        1. Deltalina. I love her friendly but condescending wag of the finger as she says, “no, no, no.”

  5. I’m actually wondering if it was really a suicide or if Taylor went OKLAHOMA on his ass.

  6. C’mon y’all, some of you are being a little harsh. This is incredibly sad but not terribly surprising I must admit. Wishing Taylor and her daughter Kennedy some peace….

  7. This is shocking and sad, but now does Taylor have to pay back all his debts and or deal with the fraud allegations? if so that really sucks.

  8. I find all of this just so sad. Taylor is one of my faves. Regardless of her materialism, I was always intrigued by her storyline. No matter what happened between them, he is Kennedy’s father and she won’t get to have him in her life.

    I was actually even more shocked this morning cuz I heard it on the radio on my drive to work and the deejay said it was Taylor herself who died. But he was obviously confused.

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