“Ladies and gentlemen: this is the Countess speaking. We have arrived. On your phone.”

That’s what I imagine LuAnn De Lesseps’ new iPhone app says when you start it up. Yes, you heard me correctly: LuAnn has a new iPhone app. Money can’t buy you class, but it can nab you “Countess LuAnn” for $0.99. The application offers many useful tools, such as a primer on etiquette, an “Ask the Countess” feature, and most importantly the ability to create images of you and LuAnn. That alone might be worth the dollar.

Additionally, users can take “Etiquette & Manner” polls and thumb through LuAnn’s bio, photos, and videos. There’s also much, much more, which only makes sense for someone enjoying the “Chic, C’est La Vie” mobile lifestyle. Features that don’t appear to be included:

  • Create your own dismissive insult.
  • A haughty laugh recording that allows you to punctuate any dig by pressing a button and hearing LuAnn’s guffaw.
  • A GPS feature that seethes, “THIS IS NOT THE PLAZA HOTEL. THIS IS Ralph’s Italian Ices of Syosset.”
  • A Groupon-esque feature that with every deal always reminds you, “See, I share my deals with you. I’m not like Ramona, who won’t share HER deals. That’s an awfully BITCHY thing to do.”
  • A camel safety video.
  • Push notifications for the app to occasionally ask you, “Would you believe she called me a snake? How nasty! The mouth on that one!”

To purchase the app, click here.

Via OK magazine

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  1. I just died laughing at “camel safety video”. Thank you. You brightened my afternoon.

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