At last Bradley Cooper francophone fans finally have the viral video they’ve been waiting for. The Hangover II star recently appeared on a French talk show to promote his film, and he did so by speaking fluent French the entire time. Women, prepare to swoon (assuming you get turned on by kiiiiinda arrogant actors speaking French).

Video here.

10 replies on “Watch Bradley Cooper Speak French Fluently”

    1. How’d you get that post? Were you the only one who owned a white flag?

      As vile as I find the French generally, this is hot.

    1. I sometimes have the hots for Raj on The Big Bang Theory. Don’t dis the Indian accent. 😉

  1. I’ve never been a Bradley Cooper fan. He just doesn’t do it for me.

    If you cover the bottom half of his head, it seems like he’d be gorgeous, but with those weirdly long earlobes and his tiny pointed chin, he’s about a 5 or a 6 on my scale of 1-10.

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