After several weeks of build-up, Teresa Giudice finally came face to face with her estranged brother Joe on this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and the results were… well… not explosive, but… emotional? It was actually a rather intense discussion, with both sides airing out grievances. They went tit for tat, with each one blaming the other’s spouses for their problems. Joe busted Teresa on some issues, Teresa busted Joe on some others, and in the end, the two decided that they had to somehow move past this roadblock, lest their father die with his kids still feuding. It was actually a truly moving moment Teresa choked up talking about the tolls this was taking on “Daddy” while Joe stood there stone-faced, presumably keeping his emotions in check (we could see his eyes glassing over. Cryer! CRYER!). Ultimately, Joe ordered Teresa to talk it out with Melissa next, and pending the outcome of that, they could then reassess the future of their relationship. And so a new plan was hatched…

The goal was simple: Teresa just had to call Melissa and invite her to talk. However, it took a full episode to see the mere logistics of this play out. In the meantime, we were saddled with a relatively boring subplot featuring Caroline’s first broadcast on Jersey radio. She had some stutters and stumbles at first, but then she got into the thick of it, answering nearly everyone person’s questions from the greater Trenton region. Meanwhile, we were treated to awkward footage of Kathy sitting by a radio listening away — as if we were to believe this were actually happening and not just a pickup shot the producers called for months later.

Anyway, for such a minor story, Caroline’s radio adventures sure received plenty of air time. In fact, too much. I love Caroline, and her advice does seem sound, but oy vey can we get to the fighting already?

As for Kathy, when she wasn’t fake listening to the radio, she was… um… I don’t remember? She went to dinner with the Gorgas and her accountants, and I believe it was she (not Melissa) who remarked about her hostess’s lack of cooking abilities, but aside from that I truly remember very little of Kathy’s role this episode. That’s okay. Even her sitting and listening to her little boombox made me smile.

Eventually, the action returned to Teresa, who sat down in Jacqueline’s study (?) with Melissa at the end of the episode and began to hash it out. Things were tense right from the getgo, and, er, I also don’t remember anything they said. Okay, I watched this show at 11 PM on Sunday after a full weekend of drinking at my ten year college reunion. I retained nothing.

FILL IN THE GAPS FOR ME, PEOPLE. Tell me your favorite parts (or the moments that riled you up) in the comments section. And in the meantime, here are pics:

“Hey, put this on. I ordered it from Magician Couture.”

“Good luck with your bitch sister. And don’t tell Kathy I’m wearing an Avatar costume.”

Teresa: “I’ll have something with not a lot of ingredientses. Like, none of that cummmin? Is that what it’s called?”
Joe: “I don’t care what you serve me. I’m already shitfaced.”

Teresa: “Listen, at the end of the day, let’s not forget that it was YOU who accidentally DVR’d The Little Mermaid and not The Sopranos series finale.”
“AOOWWWW!! It was an ACCIDENT! That Ariel can sing though, huh? Sounds like my Melissa.”

“Oh my gawd! I just puked up three bottles of Boones on the Jersey Shore!”

“You laugh at my hair now, but I can make a CANNOLI MADE OF CANNOLI.”

“I just wanna know how a vacuum cleaner works. I mean, it just sucks? How’s it do that? How’s it do that, JOE?”

“I hope everyone likes my homemade Na’vi shirt. It represents a peaceful tribe. Also, it’s made from cannoli.”

Teresa: “Melissa, I want you to come over so we can clear the air and talk about what you’ve done to ruin our family.”

“I’m camouflaged in your home!”

“Caroline! I didn’t know you’d be here! Do you like my vulture costume?”

Melissa: “Hi!!! Here’s a bottle of wine for you. Now, where is the bitch?”
“Right here.”
“Oh. Well, this is awkward.”

Melissa: “For the LAST TIME, Teresa, I don’t KNOW how washing machines work!”

What did you think about the Gorga summits?

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  1. you should read theresa’s blog over on bravo. she pretty much starts it with a point by point response to melissa. I don’t know who is telling the truth here but it was interesting to see her side.

  2. Teresa is starting to remind me of Norma Desmond at the end of Sunset Boulevard. “I’m ready for my spolight, Mr. DeMille.

    As I recall, Kathy did some clothes-folding this episode. And, I’m not so impressed by Caroline’s pearls of wisdom. She says things that are mostly cliched and redundant. “You know what? If you don’t solve this problem with your family, then your family problems will not be solved.”

    Andy why was Jacqueline dressed for the Royal Wedding when she was hosting a conversation between two “friends”? She is very awkward on camera this season.

    1. Baker St…lol on your Caroline impression!! One little detail tho, she says “But guess what?”. Ugh, that gets old!!

      Sr also had me rolling with “moon-faced” daughter Ashley!!

      I agree that Jacqueline was much more down to earth in the first season. Anyone think the rumors about Ashley’s bf and her are true??

        1. The rumor about the reason Ashley and her bf (forgot his name) breaking up was because of Jacqueline. He had an eye for her and she didn’t discourage him. I read somewhere that she would dress even more inappropriately when she found out his feelings for her. Some woman who writes a blog posted it somewhere. I’ll try and find the link.

  3. Melissa looks like she’s wearing a dirty pink bath mat in the pictures @ jacqueline’s

  4. I agree with the Jaqueline comment. Her face doesn’t move any more & she comes across very awkward & rehearsed. I wonder what the woman does with her life? Besides raising that moon faced brat ashley to be a totally obnoxious, brainless moron!

    1. Was Jacqueline’s bra showing through the back of her blouse? Or was that her mic? It was annoying…

  5. If Teresa has to “hash” things out with Joe Gorga’s stupid ass wife then Joe Gorge has to “hash” things out with Teresa’s stupid ass husband. If one deserves respect, then they both do. If one doesn’t deserve respect, then they both don’t.

    I don’t know if we just don’t get to see it but I get the feeling Melissa is a manipulative little bitch.

    I have sisters who are older than me (I’m the baby) and I’ve had problems with my sister in law but I’d never let my family openly bad mouth my husband’s family. I’d also avoid going with him when he visits his family if I was sooooo damn offended with something they did. I would expect my husband to do the same if he had any issues with my family.

    1. totally agree …. i think melissa is a little bitch too….and only says what she thinks the public wants to hear to make her sound sweet

  6. What’s all this talk of how Teresa put her brother on such a pedestal? Even after she was married. To the point that people had to talk her about it. That’s a little off. I think she’s jealous that Melissa married her brother and she doesn’t have his affection all to herself. I don’t mean that in a weird way, but just a selfish way. She has to share her brother now. I don’t think Melissa is any worse than Teresa, and from the feel of things, most of the cast seems to be siding with Melissa, and there is a reason for that.

  7. I think Caroline needs to be called in to figure this Teresa/Joe mess out I can almost hear her, “yous are family, yous love each other, sos NO MORE FIGHTING!!! bam fixed !! move on! That is sorta her MO, you love each other, you are family, get over your issues, bam problems solved … move on!

    I thought it was a bit weird when they had dinner with their accountants it seemed awkward

    Jacqueline is acting different, Ashley isn’t!

  8. The best part of the episode was when Teresa and Jacqueline were waiting for Melissa to show up, and Teresa said she was “cool and calm as a whistle!” That’s one of the worst mixed metaphors I’ve ever heard. Did anyone else catch that??

    1. You know, it’s one thing to be ignorant, it’s another to be willfully stupid.

  9. They are just so insufferably boring. Except for Kathy. Something about her screams REAL and DEEP and TALENTED. The others are either morons, boring, shallow or semi-illiterate. Caroline’s advice is banal and predictable. Just what NJ needs. Another inferior radio talk show that gives advice you can get from the kindergarten book series: “Fun with Dick and Jane”.
    I haven’t even finsihed watching this latest episode yet. Don’t even know if I will. NJ has jumped the shark. The others (except maybe Atlanta) haven’t.

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