I’m very excited about tonight’s Top Chef Masters, and no it’s not because I’m super hungry this morning. It’s because yours truly (along with Michelle Collins) got to be a DINER on the elimination challenge. I can’t say if you’ll see me on TV or not (you will at the very least see Michelle in the background — I already spied her on the preview for tonight’s episode), but chances are high you will. After all, Michelle and I were the very first people to walk into the restaurant. Plus, we happened to sit at a table that was directly in the background of the judges (unplanned!). We were quite elated by that, but you probably won’t see me because this random guy from the L.A. Times came and sat next to me and effectively blocked my STAR FROM SHINING.

I don’t know if it’s a spoiler or not for me to talk about the food; so I’ll refrain for the moment (I had to sign a contract), but I can say that the two of us had a blast. And that Michelle asked Naomi if she worked as a server at the fast food restaurant.

Fingers crossed that one of our more inane comments gets chosen as a sound byte!

18 replies on “Top Chef Masters May Include Cameos From Two World Renowned Bloggers Tonight”

  1. sweet! I’ll be looking for you. Too bad that you couldn’t hold up a sign that said “marry me Naomi” to make you easier to spot!

  2. Yeahhhhh, I can’t believe I spied you just now. Funny how exited I got considering I have never met;)

  3. OMFG! I hadn’t even read this blog today & I just came over here to tell you I saw you on TC Masters tonight — I recognized you right away — you were eating Mary Sue’s queso & commenting that it was “tender & perfect” with a cute little hand gesture! LMAO!! Congrats on your reality tv debut!

  4. I have bben blocked here for weeks because it said your site had a virus.. i tried once again today just to tell you I saw you… but I had to rewind. BECAUSE I heard your voice when I wasn’t loking and I jumped! It as you.. congrats… and I didnt even see that newspaper guy….. you didn’t lose your shine.

  5. Great episode, mainly because YOU were there. Can’t wait for the full rundown of how it went down.

    Did anyone else feel like a third wheel during the judges “dates?” Such strange and uncomfortable banter.

  6. That random guy from the L.A. Times looked a little like James Oseland.


  7. Saw ya! Awesome. I pointed you out to my dad. And I had to say, remember the guy whose blog I was reading you about his flight to Orlando with his parents. Ahaha! Great!

  8. I was excited to see you on Top Chef! How early did you have to arrive to be able to be first in line?

  9. Omg! I yelled, that’s B side Ben wtf is he doing there? How freaking cool yeah I wanna hear all about it, all what goes on, the food, the chefs, could you stay for both chef shifts?
    spill yer guts!

  10. I thought the LA Times guy was the Dean of Greendale Community College.

    Nice getting in there first. You had quite a bit of camera time!

  11. AHHHH- bside, I’m currently in the middle of watching the latest top-chef (dvr) when two minutes into it I spotted you, screamed, rewinded, paused, screamed again with excitement, “that’s bside”!! Obv I rushed to see if you posted about this on your blog and BOOM…you did. You and Meeshie (?) are currently paused on my tv screen as I type this.

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