If you’re in Los Angeles this Sunday, there’s a great fundraiser going on at Le Saint Amour, the French restaurant I gushed about two months ago. The bistro will be hosting a fundraiser with 30% of all proceeds going to the Japan relief effort.

Further details and the full press release after the jump.

The Japanese Tea Bowl Fundraiser:
100% volunteers, 100% handmade, 100% proceeds to Japan

Ceramic Community Unites to Help

LOS ANGELES, California, May, 2011 – Over 100 ceramic artists, many Los Angeles-based and others around the country are joining forces to benefit the Japanese people and honor their artistic heritage by hosting and participating in the Japanese Tea Bowl Fundraiser.

Upon hearing of the devastation left in the northern part of Japan by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami of March 11, Sylvie Aran and Mari Nakamura Johnson put their heads together to determine how they could help; The Japanese Tea Bowl Fundraiser was born. The call went out to the ceramic community, and the answer was loud and clear. Within two weeks, more than 80 artists had committed to making 10 Japanese tea bowls by the due date of May 1, 2011.
These bowls/cups will be available at our fundraiser events (see list below). Suggested donation starts at $ 20 per handmade tea bowls.
Additional help is coming from friends who also committed to the effort by creating a facebook page, logos, signs and flyers, finding locations around Los Angeles to hold tea bowls fundraising events, calling local vendors for food and alcohol donations and spreading the word.
AMOCA, JACCC, and Craft and Folk Art Museum have pledged their support as well.

Events dates and locations

Saturday, May 14 from Noon – 5:00pm Tea served from 1PM to 3PM
HEATH CERAMICS STORE: The Japanese Tea Bowl Fundraiser + Japanese Tea Service
7525 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Sunday, May 15 from 11:00am – 8:00pm
LE SAINT AMOUR: The Japanese Tea Bowl Fundraiser + Brunch & Dining Event
A percentage of the restaurant revenues will be donated.
9725 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232

From May 3 to May 20 Window display showcasing Sculptures
Friday May 20 6pm to 8pm Revive Japan silent auction
5814 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Saturday May 21 2pm to 5pm
SANTA MONICA COLLEGE: The Japanese Tea Bowl Fundraiser
Santa Monica Airport Avenue Room 170
Map to SMC Ceramic campus

The proceeds raised at Heath Ceramics will go to the town of KASAMA where the noborigama (The climbing chamber) and Cultural Treasure had 14 chambers completely destroyed by this earthquake.

Professional Artists

The following famous and professional Ceramic Artists are donating their work, some of their pieces, being sculptures, will be on display from May 3 to May 20 and a silent auctioned will be held at the
Craft and Folk Art Museum on May 20 from 6pm to 8pm.

· Adam Silverman
· Attaway
· Allison Schulnik
· Anna Silver
· Barry Bostwick
· Brian Grossnickle
· Cheryl Thomas
· Dora De Larios
· Don Ryan
· Frank Phillips
· Gale McCall,
· Joan Takayama-Ogawa
· Katherine Dube
· Joe Koons
· John Hopkins
· Masua Ojima
· Mineo Mizuno
· Peter Shire
· Porntip
· Roger Herman
· Shane Keena
· Tracey Weiss
· Tricia McGuigan
· Yassi Castilla
· Yvan Valentin (edible Bowls)

Over one month after the disaster, more than 145,000 people are still living in shelters, and the government on Monday April 11 added five communities to a list of places people should leave to avoid long-term radiation exposure.