We’re baaaaack. After a nearly two month hiatus, Lisa Timmons joined me on Friday for yet another episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa. On this podcast, we talk about Prince, Community, a fight on the subway, and some behind-the-scenes gossip from the long deceased sitcom, Three Sisters (on which I was a PA). I know you all have been waiting to hear the dish on Dyan Cannon; so consider today your lucky day!

(oh and for some reason, my recording settings were off; so there’s some distortion)


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3 replies on “Ep. 18: Banter with Ben and Lisa”

  1. I am looking forward to this! I am waiting to listen to this on my bus ride to work tomorrow morning.

    I am glad to see the podcasts are back… I recently went back and started listening to some of the previous podcasts to get my fix haha! Your recaps of RHONJ still crack me up and I have never watched the show!

  2. About damn time! I’ve been missing your podcasts, please don’t wait so long for the next one.

  3. If you do end up putting lines in your hair for the sitcom, Whitney Houston might show up.

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