With The Real Housewives of New Jersey bursting back with a vengeance on Monday, it was only a matter of time before fired cast member Danielle Staub attempted to steal away the spotlight. Well, she has, and it’s been just as sad as you’d expect. Earlier this week, the reality star announced that she’d be embarking on an exclusive contract with Scores, the notorious strip club in New York City (where Christopher Manzo earned career advice, let’s not forget). The plan was for Danielle to dance fully nude for three years, which sounds horrifying to many but think about it: it’s about as close to seeing a cubist Picasso painting come to life as we’ll get.

Nevertheless, Danielle has now backed out of her contract and is rumored to be seeking the psychological expertise of Dr. Drew. And to that, I say “oy.”

More lurid details here.

2 replies on “Danielle Staub Is A Stripper No More”

  1. I call CPS getting involved, with her minor children and all. And Danielle should burn for exploiting the truly suicidal. That woman wasn’t in psychic pain: she was having the time of her middle-aged life! Yet, fool that I am for the trashy, I will never be able to unsee her O-face, her aging “curtains”, her splashing around in a bidet, her exploitation of poor Lori Michaels, on and on. It’s all but a couple of clicks away…And calling on Dr. Drew is hardly calling for help. He’s another despicable famew*ore, a Board-Certified one, no less!:(

  2. That picture is still the best/most horrible thing ever. She is clearly disturbed and although I think this latest stunt is more about fame-whoring than actually getting help, I do truly believe she could benefit from some sort of evaluation and therapy.

    So, I clicked through to the article, and they talked about the ‘Lemon Basket’ restaurant opening she attended. Is that seriously the name that she and Heidi Montag came up with for the restaurant they opened on that reality show they did? WTH is a ‘Lemon Basket’ and why would that name make me want to eat there?

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