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  1. πŸ™ I dunno about redeemed…
    I did frown a bit with the reluctance to visit the Canadian portion.

    I’d like to know what makes Canada so blah to him, but on a higher note…
    Ben is still hot as hell when he’s drunk.

  2. In my obscure past I worked at Epcot. If you really really want to drink around the world I suggest visiting in the fall during the Food & Wine Festival. They have kiosks chock full of alcohol in every country during that time and it’s always fun to see the drunks roll out of the park at night!

    Hope you had a great time!

  3. This video was hilarious. I never thought you could make Disney World an adventure in getting drunk. It was particularly hilarious as to how you kept getting more and more tipsy as the video went on.

    1. What was the point of the “as to” in my sentence. It’s 3:30 am and my words are failing me.

  4. Arrrrgh!

    “This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

  5. I loved the video. You got to do something I always wanted to do when I lived in Orlando, and couldn’t because I always had my kids with me at Epcot…

    I was also wondering if you had high tea at the Grand Floridian. The Garden Tea room overlooks the pool, so you can enjoy your high tea while watching europeans in tiny bathing suits.


  7. What? No Greece and Turkey with oozo (ouzo) and raki?

    Great video Ben. Well done, indeed.

  8. As a former cast member, I applaud your effort. It was awesome to watch you get hammered as the video went on…it brought back a lot of good memories. I hope you had fun while you we’re there!

  9. Cheers! It takes a tsunami (too soon?) of booze to make Epcot fun, although I’m sure that even when sober the people watching is riveting/terrifying.

  10. Hilarious content, awesome editing, meaningful soundtrack…this video was better than half of the films I’ve seen in the last year.

  11. Hilarious. I was at Disney in March for Spring Break & while I didn’t drink, it was entertaining…this video made me LOL!!

  12. You had me laughing until you said “who cares about Canada?”. Lots of Canadians read your blog, Ben!! πŸ™‚ And I’m glad someone corrected you on the Ottawa spelling πŸ™‚

    1. Haha, you know I wasn’t serious though, right? I love Canada!

      I *hate* embarrassing typos in videos though.

      1. Ok I forgive you…and since you responded to me directly I’ll be *truly* forgiving πŸ™‚

  13. Enjoyed the video! Please say that you edited out your visit to La Cava de Tequila in the Mexico Pavilion. They make the best Margaritas on the WDW property and they’re far superior to those outside in La Cantina. (Jalapeno and Avocado are the best.) Plus, they serve some mean Tapas and it’s dark and there are never, ever any kids in there. Just sayin’…..

    1. We learned about this place, and the avocado margaritas specifically, the next day, Evelyn. Magarita salt in the wounds!

  14. So fun but next time start at 9am (I know but screw it!) so you are ripped and dancing your way through more countries by the time the bars close!

    And Meeshie is a cutie!

    1. I don’t want to spoil any surprises but I sense a comment of the week here!!! I’m not naming names but the lucky winner’s initials are sure to be adidas scarpe!!!

  15. that was great B! Entertaining as hell to watch you and Meeshie get your drink on. Did you feel bad the next morning from all the mixing of wine, beer, shots, and quaffs?

  16. B-side, will you marry me? This video made me fall in love with you…yes, awkward and embarassing videos of guys drinking beer makes me fall in love.

  17. I just did this at Christmas time, when it was like 35 degrees in one of their coldest spells. It brought back so many fuzzy memories! Bravo!

  18. This was my favorite part about Epcot… we too did the drink around the world, but DH made it his mission to get a dfrink in every country (as opposed to my more laid back approach). He had to sprint to Canada to make last call there….his journey would be incomplete if he couldn’t get something from every country. “I know I can buy Molson at the grocery store back home, but it’s the premise, the premise, I have to complete my mission here” LOL…. I think they should’ve had a passport for the adults (like they do for the kids) to get stamped/signed in each country.

  19. Japan was also the country that may have tippled him over the edge a bit….it was the pretty girls serving the (many) sakis LOL

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