Like farming? Like gays? Like gays farming? Well, this show is for you. When World of Wonder sent me this video for the upcoming second season of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, I was skeptical. But then there was a fussy llama. And then there was a guy crying over his goats (some of whose names are Doreen and Sparkle). Chuckles ensued.

Check out this preview of the Planet Green show, which is apparently already ramping up for a second season. Who knew?

8 replies on “‘The Fabulous Beekman Boys’ (NOT Brothers) Are Back”

  1. The llama’s name is Polka Spot and she is a diva, the crying guy is Farmer John and he is very emotional over his goats, the goats are cool, then there is {Dr} Brent who used to work for Martha Stewart and Josh an ex drag queen&author , they are the Beekman Boys this is the best show, the guys are funny the whole farming thing, its just fun to watch

  2. I worked with Josh many years ago at an Ad agency. Really nice and funny guy. I enjoyed the last season too, even the cringe inducing moments of ridiculousness .

  3. I Love Them! I wish that I could remember Josh’s queen name, he used to have aquarium tit’s. Really, tits with fish in them.

    I think farmer John is the bomb and he is so attached to his critter’s. So endearing.

    Their parents are also pretty awesome and Brent’s Mom is as anal as he is. But I rekon you have to be pretty anal to work for Martha.

    So glad it is coming back for another season.

    TC, Robin

    1. His drag name was Aquadisiac.

      I read, and recommend, both of his books. They are well written and highly entertaining.

  4. Just finished watching the marathon. I’m totally hooked on them now. SO looking for the start of their new season Tuesday.

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