Rumors are swirling that the much maligned Real Housewives of DC has been cancelled by Bravo. The series underperformed ratings-wise, and many view it as the weakest of all the Housewives installments (although, I still contend that it wasn’t that bad, and the reunion was rather epic). A source close to the action told that “The show just didn’t do well and it wasn’t worth airing another season… The D.C. housewives were meant to be starting shooting their second season now and they haven’t heard a peep from Bravo… No one from the cast has been contacted yet and told that the show is cancelled.”

Bravo has stated that no decision has been made, but as rumors go, this one isn’t too hard to believe. I always suspected the only reason the series made it to air was because Bravo just happened to have been documenting the Salahis during their infamous White House party-crashing. Still, while the show lacked the tackiness and feuds of every other city, there was plenty of non-Salahi-related silliness to keep up entertained. Lest we forget Cat and her propensity for uncomfortable encounters or Stacie and her love for Tyra Banks. And how about all those strange names: LOLLY? EBONG?? INBOX FULL???? I’m not saying D.C. was wonderful, but it certainly has a lot more going for it than Miami.

Don’t count the ladies out just yet, Andy Cohen. Give them one more shot!

(After all, if you’re going to bring back crap like Million Dollar Listing every year, why not roll the dice on these women?)

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10 replies on “‘Real Housewives of DC’ Cancelled?”

    1. Yes…. I totally LOVE Million Dollar Listing! I love to watch the agents deal with their whacky clients with money! Plus, we get a look inside the mansions.

  1. I dunno… I probably won’t miss this one. There is no way that the Salahi’s could return after all the shennanigans they were involved with this year and I think that’s why most people watched. As much as they repulsed me, I think they were mainly why I watched. And yes, Million Dollar Listing is ridiculous.

  2. Without the Salahis it will just be a bunch of drunken ladies getting along. Where’s the fun in that? Miami can go away, but only if they give Elsa her own gig. As for Million Dollar Listing, Bravo has this weird hold over me, where I tend to watch most things on it. However, now that the nasally talking kid with the skinny jeans and stupid hair is gone, I’m out.

  3. I would watch RHODC if the show returned. It wasn’t too bad for being the first season. I think shows need a couple of season’s to really know the ppl. I did not like the Salahis and pray that is DC returns, they do not bring them with it.

    I’ve just started watching my TIVO of RHOM. I’m liking the show. I guess there’s not a real housewives show I won’t watch. I say bring them all on cuz they’re the best thing on TV from my viewpoint.

    IMO, RHOA is, by far, the most boring of them all. DC is way better even with the Salahis. So Bravo, I’d like to give my 2 cents and say, out with Atlanta and in with DC.

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