Headed to Food + Lab for lunch in Silver Lake? You might find yourself torn between two different sandwiches. Let me help sway your opinion:

In one corner: the Roasted Veggie sandwich, featuring roasted veggies with French goat cheese, dried tomato & basil pesto. Rich, tasty, and far more decadent than you’d expect from a vegetarian sandwich.

In the other corner: organic turkey breast with brie, pear, honey, and fig compote. Sweet and savory, this sandwich seems to promise much, but the turkey is thick and dry, thus undermining all the other lovely ingredients.

Don’t listen to what the sweet woman behind the cash register says. Advantage: roasted veggies!

3 replies on “QUICK HIT: Food + Lab”

  1. You were awesome to post a non-meat alternative for those of us unable to partake of meat today, but that turkey really looks yummy. I’ll just have to pretend it’s a fish filet today… 😉

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