In case you didn’t hear, Charlie Sheen got dumped by Warner Bros. television yesterday (that might explain the vacant parking spot). It seems pretty obvious why the beleaguered actor lost his job (insert “duh, winning” joke here), but now we have some concrete details behind the termination. Turns out WB wasn’t just upset at Sheen’s off screen antics. He was also a total mess on set. Shocking news, I tell you.

Read all the gory details here:

Vulture: Four New Reveals From the Letter That Fired Charlie Sheen

5 replies on “Charlie Sheen Got Fired… But Why?”

  1. I know they keep citing this moral stuff, but why wouldn’t him not hitting his marks and being physically incapable of doing his job trump anything moral? It seems like they’re taking the long way to saying he wasn’t doing his job when the proof of his inability is in the outtakes…

    Clearly, they don’t care what he’s doing in his off-time as long as he’s doing his job during work time. That’s true for almost any job, any industry. The real issue seems to come when he’s incapable or refusing to work. When they lose money b/c his performance wanes (of course he doesn’t see his performance as bad because he’s DELUSIONAL), that’s when they care. Just be straight about it.


  2. I think they should hire a kid to replace him. The other one isn’t a kid anymore, and they need another “half” man….could save the show. *shudder*

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