So you’re at work, bored, waiting for me to post something new, right? Thankfully, Twitter offers endless fun, but who on Earth should you follow? WELL, for starters, you can follow me (http://twitter.com/bsideblog — help me get to 10,000 followers!! Or at least 3,000). But if you already follow me and want other (LESS GOOD) options, then Socialite Life has compiled a nifty list of celebs to follow. They range from the crazy (Charlie Sheen) to the clever (Stephen Colbert). Check out the list, and be sure to suggest your very own favorites (celeb or not) in the comments section below.

Socialite Life: 10 Celebrities To Follow On Twitter

2 replies on “Celebrities You Should Be Following On Twitter”

  1. OMG that Kanye West tweet made me laugh so hard because I totally do the same thing and pray that the door closes in enough time so I dont look like an ass when they make it on the elevator. AWKWARD

    LOL love Kanye!

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